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Nicole from Vgamerz writes ''In the 5-6 hours it took me to unravel the mysteries within Chinese Room’s Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, I found myself experiencing an abundance of feelings. Confusion, wonder, despair and pity all overwhelmed me as despite it’s seemingly simple premise, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture’s story turned out to be deceivingly intricate.

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture is set in an abandoned, post-apocalyptic rendition of fictional Yaughton Valley in Shropshire (England). The player must explore the Valley, interacting with phones and radios in the area in order to uncover the nitty-gritty details of the apocalyptic event. Alongside the various means of telecommunications the player may interactive with for guidance and information, there are also fascinating orbs of light that accompany and loosely lead the player throughout the game. Occasionally, these orbs trigger various visions of once residents of the valley. Although some visions are initiated...

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PistolsAtDawn1177d ago

Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so this reviewer isn't "wrong", but IMO giving this game a 3/5 is generous. It was slow and sluggish (even with the momentum run button), the story was dry, and there was nothing to the game play except some twist your controller gimmicky crap that served no purpose. I had high hopes for this game, and even pre-ordered it digitally, but despite it being very short...I couldn't even finish it, I just made it to the main town surrounding the creek w/ bridge then went up the hill towards Wendy (I believe) then got to some part about going through a fence to look for a dog then shut the game off and never had the desire to turn it on again....

...and I LOVE adventure games....this one just had no adventure for me.

Spotie1177d ago

Of course you'd say a 3/5 is generous.

travestyj1176d ago Show
TomatoDragon1177d ago

One trophy away from platinum. Loved this title.

Takwin1177d ago

I really enjoyed my time and my wife is about to play it. She just finished Journey and is going to do Bastion first. I think this game is perfect for people who have wider expectations for video games and want some of their games to be more story telling and unique. Well worth my pre-order.

psplova1177d ago

I played and finished it and, other than the atmosphere and music, was not impressed. Just not enough to it for me...