Investigating Xbox One's DX12 Impacts & Async Support, Compared With PS4

"Armed with this information, we can safely say, that gamers should not expect any significant performance upgrades with the arrival of the DirectX 12 update.
Sony PS4 is inherently more powerful than the Xbox One in terms of gaming performance – and no amount of optimization or software updates can change this fact."

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Imp0ssibl31540d ago Show
wesjanson991540d ago

It should help to make even complex games closer to 60FPS at higher resolutions though.

kaiserfranz1540d ago

Maybe. Or maybe they will just add more graphic effects and such things

ninsigma1540d ago

Yeah I don't think dx12 will be used too much (could be wrong) to hit that magical 1080p 60fps combo. It will more than likely be used to add more to games that couldn't be added before. Making models smoother, more particle affects, increase of objects on screen, improved A.I etc.

Mystogan1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

I prefer graphic effects over some peas.

APexGamer451540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

This is the DEFINITE confirmation that DX12 wont do much for X1. X1 already has draw call, low level API and Async compute. Like MS dev already have said "giving what console has to PC"

That is not to say that X1 wont improve through out its lifecycle. It just means DX12 hype dont apply to X1.

Funny thing about Async Compute is that it requires Async Compute Engines (or ACE).

Xbox One has only 2 ACE.
PS4 has whopping 8 ACE.

So if X1 was developed for DX12, what gives with 2 Ace?

As far as Async Compute goes, it is not DX12 exclusive feature...MS didnt even start/invent it. Mantle did.

Sony has been already testing Async compute on Infamous:SS with particles. If Async Compute really becomes big as some say, then it is huge deal for PS4. Not so much for X1.

Again, you need those Async compute engine to run Async

fr0sty1540d ago

PS4 is an ASYNC compute beast. That is why they added in the 50% more compute cores and 6 extra ACE's, enabling 48 more compute queues than Xbox One with its 16. Mark Cerny knew compute was going to be what sealed the deal, since the GPU was average grade and the CPU wasn't anything to write home about. Lets see how that bet pays off...

alabtrosMyster1539d ago

The problem is that with fewer acesand processingcores than the ps4 there is both less possibilities of having free compute processors and available queues to put tasks in them.

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AizenSosuke1540d ago

Yeah but maybe not let's find out before judging please ppl:)

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1540d ago

Are you that guy who had like 5 accounts named after Naruto Characters that used to argue with himself?

Eonjay1540d ago

Well, there is Fable Legends which everyone ignores. Thats DX12 in the flesh. So looking at that title can give us an idea of what to expect. Plus being a Microsoft title, you can be sure that they are using it to its current potential.

frostypants1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

According to the article, it may not. His argument is that the flavor of DX11 that the Xbone is running already has the significant DX12 features that are bringing the big upgrades to the PC side. I.E., it's not bringing much new to the table that the Xbone doesn't already have.

I'm not sure how accurate he is, but that's his claim.

deadpoolio3161540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

You mean exactly what Phil Spencer/MS employees and EVERYONE with half a brain and an actual knowledge of computers has been saying for months...

YES the Xbox will see SOME small benefits from DX12, nothing massive, nothing mind blowing. The major benefits of DX will will ONLY be noticeable on PC...People love to talk like DX12 is going to be this mind blowing experience for Xbox One and ITS NOT, anyone with a minimal knowledge of computers knows that a lot of people are just setting themselves up for failure and sadness....

TheCommentator1540d ago

It's not a matter of IF the features are in DX11 yet, it's a matter of how long they've been there for devs to use. I suspect some, perhaps even a majority, of these features are being used in this year's 1st party line up. Conversely, game engines need to be built from the ground up for DX12 for all of these features to be used together properly. In all, the author's assumptions are fairly accurate, but are based on rather incomplete data regarding the behaviour of all of the unique processing elements the XB1 contains.

rainslacker1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Those features have been there to use on the X1 SDK since before the console launched. Most of them anyways. The ones that weren't, aren't going to have a major impact on performance on the cores of the APU, but do have some better facilitation of the bus and memory management, which will show some gains in some applications depending on how the devs set up their routines. Like most things involving programming, the answer is always, it depends.

Many of these features were also used last gen on the 360 DX variant SDK, which the X1 was using early on, albeit modified for X1 specific hardware. Same way it happens for most consoles every gen to be honest. The new DX12 variant started rolling out to devs to use on a large scale in February of this year, and had some limited release to some engine makers and XBox studios before that.

I'd imagine by the holiday of next year is when DX12 will be the defacto standard on the X1, as that will allot enough time to make the changes to code, or start fresh using the new SDK. This holiday, most of it will be things that could get implemented in the few months between February and now, as any holiday release would have been code locked for optimization this past summer. We'll likely see some of the new features trickle in over the course of next year though.

I do believe that many people that go on about the power of DX12 in regards to consoles, don't really realize just how close DX12 is to the current API's that are being used on consoles. The whole idea of DX12/Mantle was to open up these console only concepts to the standard PC, which was already hindered by software which couldn't take advantage of what the console does well. Up until DX12/Mantle, Graphics on a PC were mostly determined by brute force, instead of taking advantage of the hardware capabilities...which is what the consoles have been doing for many generations now.

OpenGL1540d ago

In some instances it could be more than 50% given it has 8 ACEs while xbox One only has 2.

slasaru011539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

>>> OpenGL
You forget it's not a direct comparison one to one when talking about capabilities. When MS engineers had a chance to plan and increase ACE number pre production, they decided to go with overclocking because it brings the same effect cheaper. You can find that interview easily. In theory, they can overclock even more, the cooling is sufficient. So yes, there is some more GPU capability but not 50% absolutely.

assdan1540d ago

Read the full editorial. Gains that we'd see from dx12 on PC have already been implemented in the xbox one's version of Dx11. The means that performance gains will be nil where the xbox one is concerned. It seems that any benefit will be a more streamlined process for devs, which could possible lead to slightly better performance due to ease of use.

memots1540d ago

suddenly 1080p matters

Chucky20031539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I guess you didn't read the article and just made a comment on what you wish to happen.

"we can safely say, that (Xbox One) gamers should not expect any significant performance upgrades (where significant is defined as the Xbox being able to run games at higher resolutions than now) with the arrival of the DirectX 12 update "

And it seems what everyone is expecting form Dx12 on x1,PS4 already does that and it doesn't need any update for it

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Aurenar1540d ago

"In real life, this hardware difference might translate to the PS4 being able to run higher resolutions – but does this also automatically equate to better games? No. The answer to that, in its entirety, rests with the game developer"

Get Over It.

Read more:

Bigpappy1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Correct. People should focus on the games and stop trying to be engineers. Most people talking spec's, are in over their heads. Forza6 is the best performing game on console. Drive Club has the best effects. Your choice as to what you prefer. Developer decide what trade offs they want to make based on their vision. It is obvious that neither console could produce both at this time. Consensus is that Forza is the far better game and technical achievement. But this doesn't say Xbox is more capable. It just says that it is not some insignificant piece of hardware that PS4 can ignore. Tools, assets along with talent, can make the world of difference.

What qualifies this kid at WCCFTECH, to answer these API questions anyway? What games have he designed?

Mystogan1540d ago Show
BiggerBoss1540d ago

@mystogan. So what game does have the best effects, in your opinion?

cd11540d ago

"Forza6 is the best performing game on console" - pretty bold statement.

ABizzel11540d ago


It's the truth for next gen consoles, in regards to 1080p @ 60fps. There isn't another racing game that does it outside of Forza 5 (which F6 trumps in every way), and Project Cars (which is 60fps unlocked).

Doesn't make it the best racer (although it arguably is IMO), but it's without question the best performing on console right now, unless you take 60fps out of the equation as best performing in which case DC, Need for Speed, and a few others enter the competition.

snoopgg1540d ago

Forza 6 looks like a cartoon compared to Driveclub thats why it proforms that good. There are tradeoffs to be made. That being said, I don't believe its the best performing game on the console. Even thought its runs at 60fps, it looks terrible against Driveclub.

rainslacker1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Funny you bring up the two, and for comparisons sake, it's a great way to compare because there are quantifiable measurements which can be compared.

But beyond all that, with both of them, they're going to be good games which are fun to play, and probably impress everyone with their graphics. I assume this is true for Forza 6 at least right now given the history of it, and I feel this is true for DC.

Both great games, well performing, beautiful games... and you don't need to know or understand the programming principals behind the game to enjoy it.

I guess one could disregard my analysis of F6 if they've played it an disagree though...I'm simply going off the history of the series.

APexGamer451540d ago

"Developer decide what trade offs "

here is the fact you do not want to admit.

With PS4 being superior hardware, devs have to make LESS trade off.

PS4 has HIGHER resolution AND better graphics BOTH.

While X1 has to lower resolution and post process to get game to run.

Bigpappy1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

@APexGamer45: Forza6 looks, performs and plays better than Project cars on the PS4. It also has double the performance of Drive Club with 24 car while doing calculations for 3D puddle, tire wear and collision damage.

There is nothing on PS4 that out performs Forza6. That is fact, no opinion.

APexGamer451540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )


Uhh. Are you now trying to deny power discrepancy?

Yes. DriveClub runs 30fps. Are you not the one who says its up to dev to make that trade off? Yes. Instead of going 60 fps and weaker graphics and effects. DriveClub chose better graphics and effects at 30 fps PLUS more since PS4 has additional power.

Lets talk Project CArs.

Lol. X1 version is weaker in resolution, graphics and frame rate IN ALL AREA.

Due to significant difference in hardware strength, dev had to make less compromise compared to X1.

Edit. Want to talk facts? Here are the facts.

1. More power = less compromise and less trade off.

2. Comparing 2 game is opinion. not fact. No matter how desperate you make that argument.

3. 1.3 tflop vs 1.84 tflop. lol.

4. MS engineer themselve said "DX12 is giving what console have to PC" which is what this article is saying.

muzikjunkie801539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )


i could care less what console is more powerful the games do the talking and i for one am enjoying games on both and see no major difference between the two systems.

both systems show a significant leap from the ps3 and xbox 360 and both have an excellent library of current and upcoming games, thats what matters most.

"More power = less compromise and less trade off"

you mean like infamous second son? really nice looking game to the naked eye but if you look at the technical side of it you notice the trade offs to achieve those visuals.

i will go into detail ;)

puddles have no physics they dont ripple as you walk through them, the windows in shops cars and other reflective surfaces show no moving animations ie your character does not reflect of any windows, wet ground or mirrors in the game and same can be said for anyone else that walks around, the draw distance is pretty poor ie pop in textures on trees and buildings from not to far away. and same could be said about the order 1886 another fantastic looking game but with hardly anyone walking around the streets then those visuals are possible.

this does not make the games less fun but there are trade offs regardless what console it is and thats a fact.

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microgenius1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

"The answer to that, in its entirety, rests with the game developer"
As long as Playstation has the likes of naughty dog santa monica and probably kojima, PS owners wont be worried in this regard

frostypants1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Example: my favorite game on PS4 is Rocket League. It's a simple little game and graphically it's pretty, but hardly mind blowing. But the gameplay is stellar.

assdan1540d ago

Get over what? This was an analytical article, and a good one at that.

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ccgr1540d ago

Every little bit will help, but not expecting any miracles

Imp0ssibl31540d ago

There surely won't be miracles.

Black0ut1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

So certain of yourself there.

Gotta love the downplayers. Stay strong...

assdan1540d ago

@blackout. Did you even read what they said? There isn't going to be a visible increase for gamers. That's the point of this article. It's not downplaying it's a fact.

Black0ut1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )


That's not a fact, as fanboys on this site call it.

Did you even read what HE said? Stop jumping to gun so quickly.

"There surely won't be miracles" is downright wrong as he hasn't the slightest idea of what could be possible.

I definitely agree with the original poster that I won't EXPECT any miracles but how can any of you say there there DEFINTIELY wont be any? Yall can't speak with 100% certainty. That's entirely wrong.

The downplay is beyond amazing around here, except for when it's 'another' console. Stay classy.
E: Spellllling

gfk3421540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Until now every Xbox fan(boy) was bragging about DX12's potential to raise the X1 power, despite many well known people saying that no significant changes will be brought (Phil Spencer, SMS).

With the time passing, more and more Xbox fan(boys) wake up to reality, realising that DX12 will not help X1 to be equal to PS4.

Better later than never.

Not to say that there are still X1 fan(boy)s that are still believing in DX12 miracle (please see the disagrees) and also that X1 has a 2nd hidden GPU.

Alexious1540d ago

That's mostly because Xbox One already has a low level API. The real DX12 magic will happen on PC.

Justiceleague1540d ago

DX12 will definitely help PC!

donthate1540d ago

This is false!

Real developer has already spoken of 20% increases with no optimization, by just switching.DX12 is yielding 1600% increase on PC. It is not expected to do that for consoles so Phil Spencer is careful in setting expectations.

The most significant thing DX12 brings for Xbox is the ability to distribute CPU load on all the cores. This is a major problem on DX11 even on Xbox so this will by console terms give it a huge boost.

But reality is I'm talking to a wall that will bounce any rime or reason as long as it is positive Xbox. You are the essence of fanaticism!

AngelicIceDiamond1540d ago

"With the time passing, more and more Xbox fan(boys) wake up to reality, realising that DX12 will not help X1 to be equal to PS4."

Those are your imaginary words. I don't see any Xbox fanboy saying it will be equal to PS4. When cloud was proven to enhance X1 dramatically nobody in those articles were saying "yeah take that PS4" or anything stupid like that.

snoopgg1540d ago

Everything Donhate spues about xboxone is false. He is one very delusional gamer.

gfk3421540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )



On this site we had big threads on how DX12 will DOUBLE the X1 power, based on the "research" of some delusional X1 fan(boy)s or some statements given by second tier developers with hidden agenda.

In the above thread 414 comments were posted, being believed by the majority that DX12 will double the power of X1.

Thus, not only was believed that DX12 will help X1 to equal PS4, but it was launched the idea that DX12 will help X1 to surpass the power of PS4.

Funny to think know what the X1 fan(boy)s were able to say/ invent in order to convince themselves over their purchase and thus to be able to have a good sleep during nights.

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sammarshall1021540d ago

Sorry but these numbers haven't showed any significant difference between versions yet

You can barely make out the differences in games

I'd rather have the games I wanna play and so far they are on Xbox One