PS4 vs XBO – Top 20 Disparities in Install Sizes

Finder has run a report detailing the games that have the biggest difference in install sizes between their PS4 and XBONE versions.

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SlappingOysters1125d ago

Some of those are pretty massive. Why the hell can a developer nail compression on one console and not the other. (well, nail better)?

uth111125d ago

I doubt it's just a compression problem. There are probably more the amount of runtime components that need to be distributed with the game to make it work

SlappingOysters1125d ago

So that would be tied specifically to the hardware you think? It would not be the same runtime components across the two titles?

uth111125d ago

yes exactly, things like hardware/OS. Like (speculating on the details here) this game may require .net version x, while that game requires version y. there's no guarantee that either will be installed on the target xbox, so the game ships with them. .net being an MS technology it's not likely Sony uses it.

Just using that as an example as I don't know if any Xbox games actually use .net,

SlappingOysters1121d ago

Thanks uth11 that was great insight!

sarahnade1125d ago

Wow, they really add up. Crazy how you can have the exact same collection and much less memory on Xbox.

MysticStrummer1124d ago

Wow. I heard a Gamestop employee talking about this to a customer, but I had no idea the differences could be so large. ESO is already a huge install on PS4, but damn...