Sengoku Souls: A look at Koei's new Action RPG, Nioh [RPG Site]

RPG Site sees the closed-doors Tokyo Game Show demo of Nioh, Koei's latest game, an action RPG with influences from Souls and Onimusha.

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Timesplitter141490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Looks much more ambitious than the usual pseudo japan-exclusive generic samurai hack-n-slash game.

Kinda funny to think this game was one of the first announced PS3 games before the console even launched :

Bigpappy1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Most interesting game I have seen from TGS. That trailer looks more 'Dynasty Warrior' than 'Soul' though. Hopefully they slow that combat down.

Monster_Tard1490d ago

Doesn't look a thing like Dynasty Warriors to me. It looks like Ninja Gaiden, it is made by Team Ninja after all.

DragonDDark1490d ago

Hopefully it releases in 2016 and not get delayed because I WANT IT!!!

jon_snow1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Dev already said 2016 worldwide but Japan 1st. This game is Team Ninja redemption for NG 3. So far it looks like a beast of a game.

DragonDDark1490d ago

You know nothing, Jon Snow though.

jon_snow1490d ago

^ knew enough to have sex with Ygrrite

Andreas-Sword1490d ago

NiOH is for me the best announced game at the TGS 2015!

Paleblood1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Gravity Rush 2, Bloodborne and Nioh

Feriku1490d ago

I hadn't heard of it until TGS, but after its announcement, it's one of the new titles I'm most interested in learning more about.

_-EDMIX-_1490d ago

lol, I don't blame you. I remember when it was first announced and just disappeared.

Never thought it would be coming back and on PS4 no less, quite a surprise.

TomatoDragon1490d ago

This title is looking very intriguing indeed.

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The story is too old to be commented.