Looming PS4 cycle was real reason for Harrison's departure from Sony

VG247's rumouring that Phil Harrison left Sony because work's beginning on PlayStation 4 and he didn't want to get involved.

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theKiller4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

whats that got to do with him??
he is a software guy and the leader of so many studios!!
what his role as sony gaming division leader have to do with the hardware that will come after 6 years???

he can only help if it was 2-3 years before launch giving sony some hints on what the consumer want from a machine but still this is kaz hirai job!!

Mainman4312d ago

I can understand if one wants something new, but I dont think I would've left if I was in his position. Well, not for that reason at least.

Idonthatejustcreate4312d ago

Sony asked him to move to an new Sony office somewhere in Europe with/without his family and he didn't want that so he left Sony and started working at the next best place near his family?

faisdotal4312d ago


Sounds realistic tbh.

Andronix4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

All hardware manufacturers are working on their next console, but what makes this story stink is that it is way to early for PlayStation 4 hardware design to be finalised, which is the part where Phil Harrison would come in.

Sorry VG247, but talk about making up a story to get hits.
No sources, just guess work.
Bad 'journalism.'

MazzingerZ4311d ago

Hardware runs Software so "maybe" the relation you are looking for is there?...remember Phil was the man behind HOME and HOME will be a key component of the PS3 just as XBL was for the can be as easy as it just got too much and the man has fa amily he want to spent time with...

I do also have kids and try to keep the balance between job and my REAL life. I don't want to miss my kid's golden years, that's more important than any position and money within the company that would demand fulltime of me...the day that balance is in risk to be broken, I change job.

hardcorehippiez4311d ago

sounds feasible. im in the same situation and this is also why our band does only studio work instead of touring and playing live scene. i have 2 small children and missing out on there childhood is not an option im going to take no matter how much i love my work.

mikeslemonade4311d ago

How would a PS4 this early benefit Sony? Sony isn't dumb enough to do that. If they bring PS4 within two years from now they would have 4 or 5 systems since PS2 would still be alive, PS3 alive, PSP alive, and there might be a PSP2 by then.

Dark General4311d ago

Sounds a little iffy but it is a rumor. Plus it is plausible since he went to go work for Atari of all places.


Hmm Sony's next console is ilegal I can understand why he backed out.

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monks4312d ago

sounds like a logical reason to me

it must be a very hard proccess designing a new system and thinking about tech thats not even on the market yet

Mainman4312d ago

I think it is about evolving. Use the newest technology to make a system, so you have a foundation in architecture, and then evolving the system as technology gets improved.

solidt124312d ago

Keep in mind that Phil wasn't involved in the hardware design at all. He was over Software in the company.

xaphanze4312d ago

I wonder how the graphics and gameplay will look then. Hard to imagine...

Kratos Spartan4312d ago (Edited 4312d ago )

I think the next Playstation will go beyond graphics and gameplay. Look at Killzone 2. What will games look like in 4 years time on the PS3. The PS4 will be something revolutionary.

Does anyone remember Jason X: Jason in space? Remember those kids playing some sort of game with the helmets on but it seemed like they were in the game? I'm not saying that the PS4 will be anywhere near that, but I want gaming to move past holding a controller and sitting on a couch.

Edit: Not the Wii, but it's a small step in that direction.

mistertwoturbo4311d ago

I can just imagine everything looks just like CGI. That's the kind of gameplay I want. MGS4 was a good step foward in that sense. It still looks like a video game, but the transition from some of the cutscenes directly into gameplay was awesome.

Just imagine Final Fantasy 15 or something, where the pure hardcore CGI scenes are all created by the PS4, and then transitions directly into gameplay.

SlyGuy4311d ago

2 HDMI ports this time.

I have >1 LCD in my home and would prefer to set them up side by side rather than share my screen (for multiplayer).

beavis4play4312d ago

what did the last line of the article have anything to do with this speculation piece? i didn't get how it fit in.

RealityCheck4312d ago

This is a rumor by their own admission posted in a blog. Isn't this NEWS for gamers?

Please post real news, interviews, previews. Not rumors.

Captain Tuttle4312d ago

The story is filed under "rumors".

KillahCam4312d ago

My point this is a rumor and if you believe that then heres another rumor I HAVE THE PS4 ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!

RealityCheck4312d ago

@5.1, ah I see, kind of sneaky that the site defaults to the "all" setting even when you click on the News tab. You have to select News then News again to filter out rumors.

Personally I think it should be the other way around, rumors should be filtered out by default (meaning default to News tab) unless you expressively select All to see them too.