Konami ceases triple-A console production on all but PES

Konami has ceased all triple-A console game production on everything but Pro Evolution Soccer and there are currently no plans for a big new Metal Gear game, while worldwide technology directr Julien Merceron has left the company. That's according to a pair of reports on French site Gameblog. Eurogamer understands both reports to be true.

Gameblog wrote yesterday that Merceron was apparently unhappy with Konami's transition away from the console market towards mobile games.

Beyond Metal Gear Online - the separate online component to Metal Gear Solid 5 that is currently being finished - and Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, Konami has a blank triple-A slate. It does however have the licence to the football tournament Euro 2016, so we'd expect it to make use of that.

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NewMonday1549d ago

why don't they just sell the IPs then?

Somebody1549d ago

So they can milk them dry later on in other forms like pachinko/slot machines, arcade machines and mobile versions.

RiPPn1549d ago

So sell the ip's with a clause that they can use the properties for anything that isn't computer game related as long as what they release doesn't hurt the ip.

Agent_00_Revan1549d ago

Prepare for MGS mobile games as well as others from their IP list.

UltraNova1549d ago

Metal Gear Solid: The Mobile Pain coming right up...

Ohh Konami how you have fallen...

1549d ago
sinspirit1549d ago

I really can't understand why they wouldn't at least make a full remake of the original games. The Konami name benefits from these huge AAA games branding their name. Eventually, this will hurt them.

RedDevils1549d ago

I wouldn't be surprise Konami will go bankrupt in the near future. Abandoning it core will only bit them in the ass later on

1548d ago
SolidStoner1548d ago

Kojima productions could buy rights for MGS from Konami.. or make something similar like Fallout series did.. original people got back to the core and made Wasteland 2.. this is what we need...

I will be very sad if I see a MGS mobile game.. and so on.. its like taking Ferrari brand and make only vacuum cleaners named "Ferrari vacuum" wow.. how exiting!

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1549d ago
3-4-51549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

* Prediction:

Konami goes mostly mobile to get money.

It doesn't work out as well as intended and they don't get the support they thought they would.

They linger around for a few years and eventually jump back into console gaming with the PS5/next xbox/ Nintendo NX.

* By that time though, they will have lost about 30-40% of their fan base who will have just moved on.

* I do however love that they are keeping PES going, as it's actually a really solid IP.

* Konami is sitting on Mystical Ninja, Sunet Riders & Suikoden and doing nothing with them.

Dee_911549d ago

Predict the same thing but on a much shorter time scale. This decision is beyond stupid. I am very confident investors aren't happy about them putting on their chips on black like that. This is a serious gamble. Well, for the individuals over at Konami I can't do anything but hope for the best for them and hope they this succeed..

krypt19831549d ago

Yea game sells well though. What does this mean for mgo ? Hopefully they support it for years while they obviously are going to sit back and license out their ips..

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DarkOcelet1549d ago

Konami have some of the best franchises in gaming history and they are letting all that go for Pachinkos and Mobile. This is really sad and stupid.

I cant wait for them to put Castlevania on Mobile with lives being sold as microtransactions. They did it with Contra and they will do it with the rest of those games.

razorpakk1549d ago

Hope they'll sell their IPs like THQ did...

Hold_It1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

@Razor, the problem with that is THQ went bankrupt. Konami is far from bankrupt. They have health clubs, pachinko (where they make their majority of revenue), mobile gaming, and a few other sources of income.

It does suck that we'll more than likely never get another Castlevania (fav Konami series) or MGS, or Silent Hill. I guess all we can hope for at the end of the day is that the original creators or art directors will leave Konami and create their own game similar to what their Konami work was. Igarashi with Bloodstained, Keiji (ik, it's Capcom) with Mighty Number 9.

The thought of Capcom getting Silent Hill with possible RExSH crossovers or Dead Rising x SH sound cool imo. So does Castlevania by From Software.

uth111549d ago

Konami could still license the IPs to other developers for console development.

Baka-akaB1549d ago

Given their (lack) ethics , doesnt mean licensing them to other studios would do us any good

Even if at least the previous Contra game , Hard Corps from Arcsys studios for Konami , was pretty solid

LightofDarkness1549d ago

I'm just waiting for both them and Capcom to go under so all those parked IPs can go to pubs/devs who know how to use them. Imagine, Crowd funding so Kojima can buy the Metal Gear IP, or Iga can get Castlevania back. Same with Mikami getting RE and Kamiya getting DMC.

_-EDMIX-_1549d ago

Because you saw their finances? I can't speak on it being "stupid" because I"m not sure just how much they likely spent on MGSV.

I can say for a game that has been in development as long as it has, for a gaming releasing on 5 platforms....its not doing the numbers one would think a game of its quality would be doing.

I got MGSV day 1, LOVE IT, its easily GOTY...but in terms of sales....this game might very much be exactly what Konami is talking about with regards to cost. They can't keep making such titles. We don't have raw numbers for their development cost but I'm betting its why they are stopping console development.

Having the "best" doesn't pay the can have the "best" and be losing lots and lots of money ,they couldn't just afford to have 7 years go by for a MGSV game (who knows just how much was spent on it too)

It sucks, but what are they to do? keep losing money for lolz?

I hope someone buys those IPs and gives them a good home, I don't fault Konami for what they are doing ,I don't fault Kojima for what he did.

He wanted to create the BEST game and he very much did, that doesn't factor sales.

Good for Kojima, bad for Konami. One must be able to see the difference between the 2.

gantarat1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I wonder how much development cost spend on MSG V.

LightofDarkness1549d ago

Recently they stated it cost $80 million. If the game sold about 3 million copies, and publishers usually take about $27 of a $60 game's retail cost, then the game will have pretty much broken even, with 1 million in profit (if the original 80 million was exact). Not exactly a return on their investment. Their wish to break away from AAA game development is understandable, if a tad selfish and ignorant of the prestige and pride associated with creating great works of art. But they're a business, who are obviously more concerned with continuing their business and extending their profits.

_-EDMIX-_1549d ago

@Light Of Darkness- 100% agreed, bubbles for well said!

For 7 years of development, its just not much. You got the likes of Ubisoft making games like AC and pimping them out year after year and making MORE then what Konami just did with a 7 year development cycle.

From a business prospective you can't help but to be mad! lol.

It sucks, but I completely understand why its happening. I don't see them selling the IP (though I hope) they might try to use it on their mobile push as one of their top assets.

One of the few cases where you wish they were going out of business lol, at least someone else would get those ips!

Kojima is better off without them, he can easily continue this concepts else where I will still buy! IPs don't make the game, the MAN DOES!

jmc88881549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

This is going to sell far more then 3 million.

They shipped 3 million PHYSICAL discs in the first 5 days.

Lots of people are buying this digitally on PS4/XB1/... and the entire PC market.

This game is going to continue to sell well throughout the rest of the year.

I don't know how much it will sell in total, but if someone guessed ballpark around 10 million, I wouldn't disagree. It may even surpass that.

_-EDMIX-_1549d ago

@JMC- lol, I see we both had the same number in mind! I was thinking 10 million too, hopefully more but I dont' see what that would do.

This has to be the best selling MGS in history by default, I see no other way around it!

Kleptic1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I'm with EDMIX, at least the initial post.

Some people are underestimating what publishers are currently looking for in gaming as far as 'return on investment'...thank CoD for that...

breaking even in a week or two?...Konami should be happy about that?

MGS is easily one of the single most recognizable franchises in gaming...I'm saying that in the sense of people that enjoy video games, and not someone that only jumps into something that is deemed popular by other kids at lunch tables.

and all these actions really illustrate is that konami is a publisher that doesn't really see how the current trend in gaming is all that sustainable...and that is FAR from an outlandish view...we're stuck in this limbo of a game either being a huge success, or an indie game...and anything in the middle heads to kickstarter before even attempting development...publishers take zero risks any more...and that has been building since last gen pretty consistently...

the writing is all over the is taking over the industry, just as it has every other entertainment industry...its not qualit of content, its how hard you push it, and who you get hooked into it...

3 million in sales in 2 weeks...the shattiest of CoD annual releases does that in a matter of hours...with a development budget of less than a 1/4 of MGSV, and a release target that can be counted in months, not years...

so, from an investment standpoint, how can any of us argue? People DON'T buy these 'big' games the way we should...they're not popular, they're not 'cool', they're not talked about...outside of little gaming community websites...but, they're extremely expensive and take a long time to make...and investors are starting to give up...

Sounds bleak, but seriously...I'm fully accepting that the industry standards of what 'modern gaming' is has been in a downward spiral for a number of years...imo a lot more publishers are going to follow similar paths to konami before things really change...

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InTheLab1549d ago

More like sell you 5 gems with 3 gems= 1 life...

God I hate mobile...

killacal131548d ago

I hate mobile too, and I love that avatar pic

saywat2471549d ago

so everybody is just not gonna mention silent hills. yall just gonna ignore it??? smh rip silent hills hopefully it really does get revived.

Haru1549d ago

I hate Konami for stop making console games and going mobile, but can I really blame them for doing so? When you spend 5 years and teens of millions upon millions of dollars to create a masterpiece and in the end it doesn't even manage to sell even half as much as COD does every single year with maybe half the budget and a quarter of develompent time it's not hard to see why Konami choose to go mobile, the console market is spoiled

1549d ago
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triple_c1549d ago

In other words..

"We are going to abandon the people and the things that helped make us famous and get us to where we are today.



_-EDMIX-_1549d ago

they actually don't just make games.

triple_c1549d ago

And? What's your point bro?

Dark_Overlord1549d ago

True, but if you said to someone

'name one thing you associate with konami'

I guarantee you nearly everyone would say 'games' or something game related (i.e MGS etc)


_-EDMIX-_1549d ago

that might be based on asking folks from the west about Konami. I'm pretty sure in the east they are known for more then just console game.

lol, I think they make bottled water in Japan among other things.

agame9141549d ago

It sounds like your defending konami...sickening

_-EDMIX-_1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

@agamer- take your emotions out the door when regarding business bud.

I would do what they are doing if I had a IP that cost way more money and time then it was producing too. Soooooo stop adding your personal feelings in the bunch and actually try to understand why such a thing is happening.

This company likely could have made a annualized series for less money, in less time and got a greater return then what they got for MGSV.

7 years of development, during a time where Kojima canned one version then made another, 5 platforms annnnnnnd its not even going to sell better then a Assassins Creed.....

Soooo they spent 7 years going on 5 platforms to get outsold by an AC game? Or a COD game that comes out every year?

I doesn't take a genius to see that maybe they are in the wrong business if they can't get those numbers.

That is not me saying I want that... I don't as a gamer, but if I owned them as a company....yes...I would have pushed for that happening a long time ago purely for money purposes, they would have gotten greater returns. They tried dissociating Kojima from the game series but that ship has sailed long ago lol too many know MGS with Kojima and they should have sorta stopped that associating long ago, but its too late to try to undo such things.

The fans see it as Kojima's work and thats it, thus....once he is gone, lots of that games attention is gone too. I'm not sure they could do a AC or COD set up as they just don't have the funding and wouldn't risk it, never mind 1 MGS being made, but 2 MGS's being made would hurt them a lot ,they would legit risk the whole company to try to make a set up work ,even that might not help them as MGS post Kojima and hell even with Kojima just can't do AC or COD numbers.

I own MGSV day 1, I've owned every MGS day 1 since MGS2, been a fan since 1998...

You need to be able to understand the difference from looking at it as a businessman and as a gamer. I get why this is happening, I don't like it, but I agree with it as a businessman, I understand exactly why they are going mobile.

Xman2K1549d ago

I've owned all metal gear releases day 1, except for original NES which was first game I bought. Even bought snakes revenge the first day, lol. This series means a lot not just for me but for japanese developed games. It's truly sad this happened but I'm sure a huge sony or ms buyout for the ip is in the works, so waiting to see

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NeoGamer2321549d ago

Actually Konami has been famous for its single player games (mostly).

And as everyone should know by now that single player games are perpetually held back in sales because of the used game market.

So, for all the gamers out there that bought games like MGS and Castlevania used rather than new, I would like to thank you for not supporting the developers who made great games, but now can't make enough money to justify further development of their titles.

This is probably solely a business decision. Why put money into stuff that is not making money, but instead generating money for companies like GameStop.

You can say what you want and blame them all you want, but if they were making a lot of solid profits from games they wouldn't be backing away from them.

bmky1549d ago

it's not our fault they lack creativity. GTA5 just passed the 54mill mark. The game is still priced like it released yesterday in most regions. They just lazy. wanna cash in on mobile which is a short cut to investoing huge in a brilliant I.P

NeoGamer2321549d ago

Castlvania Lord of Shadows 1 was an awesome game (83-85 on Metacritic for the platforms). Sales for combined PS3 and 360 barely topped one million total.

Why did they decrease their game budgets and axe games? Well, when they put out a 16 hour, AAA game in Castlevania Lord of Shadows 1 not enough people bought it new.

That was going to be the problem with PT as well. Great game, but it is a single player experience, most people shrug off SP games and say they will buy them when they are cheap and used.

Metal Gear Solid IV had sales of 6 million. Again, not enough people are buying the quality games they made.

So, Konami had built quality games, but unfortunately gamers didn't buy them enough. So, here gamers are focusing on what Konami did wrong vs. what gamers didn't do.

It is funny how gamer's walk into gamestop and buy used games but never once think about where the money goes. It didn't go to Konami nor the Konami development studios. It went straight to the investors that own gamestop and other used game stores. That does nothing to encourage these guys to build more great games.

If gamers want games they need to support the publishers and developers that make the games, not the retail outlets that sell used games.

Or what we get is the new world order. F2P games that are actually Pay-2-Progress, a bunch of re-mastered games, or yearly games (Cod, AC, etc.) that build marketing hype through the roof to drive sales.

Only the first party publishers and the very large 3rd party publishers (Activision, Ubisoft, and EA) can really afford to take a chance on new IPs... Activision's new IP = zero. EA's new IP this gen = zero until Star Wars Battlefront, which isn't even a new IP. Ubisoft's new IP = zero.

Welcome to the future of gaming... Gamers got what gamers deserve.

1548d ago
freshslicepizza1549d ago

if they can't make money on those games then that is a viable reason but i am sure mgs makes them money but the issue there could be kojima. i would like someobody else to take over those ip's and not let them simply rot in mobile land.