A PlayStation 4 Price Cut In North America And Europe Could End The Competition

The Web Graffiti: "Sony announced a cut in price for the PlayStation 4 in Japan during the company’s Tokyo Game Show 2015 keynote. This is expected to happen in October, but what about North America and Europe?"

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ArchangelMike1127d ago

I don;t think we'll see a price cut this year. Even with a sparse exculsive line-up, Sony still have the momentum to ride out this holiday season. They will most likely wait for the console bundles of their big hitters before announcing a price cut. An Uncharted 4 PS4 Bundle for example, is guaranteed to shift millions of consoles. Same can be said for a Final Fantasy XV PS4 bundle.

It would make sense for Sony to then announce a price cut for the current PS4 model - while at the same time announcing the release of a new PS4 slim at the current price point.

Thatguy-3101127d ago

I believe we might see a 50$ one simply because they would want to have a lot of ps4's out there before Playstation VR comes out.

Relientk771127d ago

That will send the PS4 sales soaring, even more so than now

Death1127d ago

It won't end anything. Price cuts bring in the next tier of customers, it doesn't convert them. Software is the key to bringing in new customers and even that has more of an impact on maintaining customers.

TheCommentator1126d ago

Agreed. The XB1 is very successful, selling better than 360 did in the same timespan. Nothing Sony can do will "end the competition". TBH, Sony nearly ended themselves before PS4 came along and saved their bacon.

PhoenixUp1127d ago

Even the almighty PS2 had a price cut in its second year despite its dominance in the market. I wouldn't be surprised if PS4 had a price cut especially with its cheaper production costs and 1TB model.

PS3 could use a price cut as well to push it over the 90 million mark

Lennoxb631127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

PS4 is selling like crazy. No doubt about it. But articles like this make me think people WANT the competition to go away. Why?

Gwynbleidd1127d ago

It is sad!! I don't get it either.
We have three big console competitors who push each other every gen. None of them can rest on their laurels of past achievments without getting heat from the competition. It is great for us customers. And none of these 3 will or should be stopping to design the platforms we love to game on!!!

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