Batman Arkham Knight Tumbler DLC To Be Released Next Week On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

GS:" Batman Arkham Knight’s September DLC packs have been announced a while back and some of them are already available on consoles in all regions. Other packs have yet to be released but today we have learned precisely when one of them will be released on consoles."

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christrules00411124d ago

I really wish that they would fix the dang pc version. I can't even download it on steam to play because it was so broken.

mkis0071123d ago

Runs pretty well now. I like all the new settings they added.

Grap1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

No it doesn't some of the texture now looks from ps1 era.

Antifan1123d ago

Don't tell me they filled that $50 season pass with cosmetic reskins? Lol.

Xman2K1123d ago

I know right! So many people crying about MGS dlc when so many are hypocrites by buying season passes for 50$ of this crap, yet say ground zeroes isn't worth 20-30$

Scatpants1123d ago

I'm so disappointed I bought it. I thought surely for $40 there would be more story based DLC, but all I've gotten so far is garbage.

hirobrotagonist1121d ago

season pass so far is maybe worth $20, for those on pc it's worth nothing so far..