The Taken King is What Destiny Should Have Always Been

Long time Destiny player David Game has enjoyed a love-hate relationship with Destiny but The Taken King has really taken him buy surprise in how different it has made the game for the better.

Includes written opinion and commentated gameplay video.

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alex1015941219d ago

It was going to be that until they decided to take content out to make it DLC, which you can tell because the levels were locked out. When Destiny cane out I loved he mechanics but the lack of context and content killed it for me (as well as the dlc money grab). I sold my ps4 and bought the white one (which I've been trying to get since last year) and it brought the Taken King. I'm enjoying the game without having bought any of the expansions.

--Onilink--1219d ago

to be honest, as much as it would have helped, most of the problems were with design ideas. Having the Dark Below or HoW (which i wouldnt exactly bet that HoW would have normally been fully ready for launch) wouldnt have helped with poor currency design, bad loot mechanics etc.

Not to say more content wouldnt have been nice at launch, but i think a bit more investigation into MMOs would have helped them a lot, the rest was always bound to happen, its the type of game that will continue to evolve based on fan feedback

thorstein1219d ago

During the original story, we were made to "Take Back" a city on Mars. Through every DLC, that city still isn't under human control. Is it now under human control?

Or did they just abandon the story (what little there was) altogether?

alex1015941217d ago

Not sure just recently got back.

user99502791219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

for the low-low price of $150!



150 bucks for the game "it should have been" isn't full price. it's wallet rape.

bradfh1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

all games gets price drops, if you want a game cheaper do not buy a game at full price.

also making games is a business so if they got your money its your own fault. wait until review for game and stop buying pre-orders.

Summons751219d ago

I'm pretty mad that they are holding it hostage. You can either but Taken King and it comes with Destiny, Crota, HOW (which is a good deal for new comers) but if you have only Destiny and Crota (or HOW) and are missing the other expansion, YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO PLAY. That's totally unfair that they are basically forcing me to double dip if I want it because House of Wolves came with no content and is 20 bucks which I don't want to pay to not get much....

Terrible pricing system, locking people out...just unlock the worthless content and allow me to give you money for the expansion that I want to buy because it comes with enough stuff to justify the purchase.

masterfox1219d ago

The more I think of it the more I realize this is a F2P game with a price tag.

In Warframe almost all the stuff weapons, accesories, Tennos you can get with only playing the game(repeating and repeating missions) or you can get those a lot faster by paying for them, needs lots grinding.

In Destiny you need to play a hell a lot(repeating and repeating missions) of the game just to get your desire weapon or armor, but it doesn't give you the option to buy that weapon or armor separately, I think this is the only difference between the both but in Destiny is less rewarding and annoying.

--Onilink--1219d ago

so just having the chance to buy the weapon is more rewarding?

masterfox1219d ago

In Warframe you have the choice, less the time grinding and you will probably getting that special item, or if you want just go and buy it, is up to you what would be more rewarding.

In Destiny cause its horrid random drop system you could play literally for months and never ever getting what you are expecting, so you are stuck to keep playing over and over again the same [email protected]#$it until you go nuts, in Warframe for a even less amount of time you could probably get all the ultra rare stuff, so what does Warframe devs do to keep the game relevant ? they keep adding content unlike those bastards at Bungie.

Jubez1871219d ago

I just lost interest when all of the good content was locked behind needing a pre-made group. With no in-game party board I was like meh.

thorstein1219d ago

Having a group isn't much better since I can't just find my clanmates online. I have to have them added to my friends list.

Worse, I may get friends that are in my gaming clan but since Bungie is so stingy with clan member count, I can't get any of the trophies because my clan has a space between the words and one guy on the raid team didn't have a space.

What is the point of clans if you can't find them online?

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