The Heroes of Star Wars™: Battlefront™ - Luke Skywalker

Keen touched on several of Luke Skywalker’s powers (including his Force-augmented jump ability, plus Force Push and Saber Rush – which have been previously discussed during IGN’s hands-on with the Jedi at E3 in June). He also explained that as a Hero (or Villain) your health will constantly decrease, but players will be able to boost their time with the character by killing enemies.

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bixxel1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

The force is very strong with this one!

Majin-vegeta1549d ago

Basically the same as in the past 2 BF games.Herod really aren't a problem just get a rocket launcher mince meat ;).

iDadio1549d ago

That was always the best part, they were cool to use and powerful but not enough to destroy balance.

Simco8761549d ago

I miss the Jedi Knight series