Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Now Eligible For Pick Up At Store On GameStop

GS:" Last week the Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition has been made available for pre-order on the GameStop website, allowing those who haven’t been able to pre-order it on Amazon to finally do so. Pre-orders have been closed a few hours later only to be re-opened in the following days."

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stragomccloud1178d ago

I did this! I'm so happy I can get it on release day!

GamingSinceThe80s1178d ago

This is nothing new,I ordered it for in store pickup last week.GS ether has an endless supply of these or hardly anyone is pre ordering it.Is it wrong of me to want it less now that it seems it won't be rare?It really is a bit underwhelming as CE's go....but it's Xenoblade so I have to buy

franwex1178d ago

It's great that they are including all DLC that has already been made available in Japan for free. I figured they would charge for it. One thing that Nintendo gets right is DLC!