Rockstar Working to Fix GTA Online Contract Missions Bug, New Cars and More Coming Soon

SegmentNext - Rockstar is currently working on a bug in GTA V that is affecting Contract Missions. The developer says that it will fix this bug soon, so fans shouldn’t worry at all.

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Smootherkuzz1545d ago

GTA v off line story mode is a joke compared to online game play. Why even have off line gane play if all the new updates is for online? I still like off line game play more then online but it seems online is taking over.

N0TaB0T1545d ago

Uh no. Stop ruining games. Stop it.

Right now.

eklektic1545d ago

I completely agree with you i also prefer off line gta. Online is the same garbage over and over. It doesn't matter what they do or add. Until every one in the world has the exact same Internet connection there will always be drop out connections ruining the moments and the game itself. Single player by far is superior for a solid experience. Unless the game in question is a buggy mess.

Grave1545d ago

Did they fix the hackers? that's why we stopped playing. Who gives a crap if you have new missions if people are hacking?

solar1545d ago

hackers are no where near as bad as it used to be. i play everyday and quite a bit, and i havent seen once in a week, compared to one every session.

DoctorFry1545d ago

God, just let this game die already. That's all they talk about. They have this boner obsession over it.

Too bad we never got to see any story DLC for this game when GTA IV's and Red Dead's were exceptional.

Too little, too late. Rockstar needs to move on from this shithole and announce their new game already. Look guys, I know a lot of you are newcomers to GTA since it got rereleased for current-gen and PC, but no game deserves to be in the spotlight for over two years.

MasterD9191545d ago

The most ridiculous thing is that they put the whole team on the online portion of this game...literally 100% of the team!

If that's the case, why aren't we seeing big content pieces like the rumored Casino, any alien-related stuff that was hinted in the main game (being online), more weapons? A few shirts and cars each time is fine, but please give us something of value Rockstar! I'm not complaining too much because everything has been free (thankfully and rightfully so), but still...I've been playing more SP than online just based off the fact that I know so many people have exploited the game using Xbox360 or PS3 to transfer modded accounts to X1 & PS4.