Ys Net wants more money for Shenmue 3, even though they have already been given over $6 million

It seems like Yu Suzuki and Ys Net are in trouble, because even though Ys Net collected over $6 million in total for Shenmue 3 on Kickstarter. They still want more money. So people have started to talk about "Kickstarter scams" and Shenmue 3 being the "Daikatana" of our generation.

So this is our (The Gaming Ground) take on this matter.

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Majin-vegeta1543d ago

Lol no they aren't asking for money.I got the email and it clearly states this is for the people who could not give money during the initial funding period so they are opening it up for them.

"Hello Everyone,
Thanks to your support, Shenmue III became the most funded video game on Kickstarter with 69,320 people helping to bring back the Shenmue series back to life. However, there are so many people told us they could not pledge on Kickstarter, or could not make the deadline, and have asked for a PayPal page for another opportunity to contribute to Shenmue III. So here we go!
The Slacker Backer period will continue through December 31st. While the full game will be completed as promised with the use of the funding collected on Kickstarter, any additional funding collected here will go towards reaching the Stretch Goals to make the game even bigger and deeper.The three month window was set to allow a long enough time to for everyone who wants to support Shenmue III to do so, but short enough to keep the release date on track.
The PayPal page will feature a selection of rewards from the Kickstarter campaign including the Trial Version and the Collector’s Edition. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, you still have a chance to be part of the Shenmue legacy!
Surveys, add-ons and upgrades
Surveys are not quite ready yet, but they will be going out during this Slacker Backer campaign. Once the survey system is up and running, add-ons and upgrades will be available for existing Kickstarter backers. We will of course keep you posted here on the Updates page with all the developments."

Abash1543d ago

They also said that they would need 10 million to create the Shenmue III they truly wanted to make

teknx1543d ago

10 million seems too small for a modern Shenmue game. Unless it's broken up to episodes and this is only for part 1.

freshslicepizza1543d ago

the original cost over 40 million to make many years ago, what kind of game can he make for 6 million today? the people who made trine 3 said they ran out of money and that going from 2d to 3d is what made the game so much more expensive than previous trine games.

what is the average cost now for a game, 20 million? this is one of the risks for kickstarter games, you really have no idea what the final product will be.

DanielGearSolid1543d ago


The original included mocking up the entire story. Building the game engine. Transition from virtua fighter to original ip, and transition from Saturn to dreamcast.

Mr Pumblechook1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Such a hate filled article!

Nobody is being forced to back Shenmue 3. If you want to back, do it. If you disagree with it then don't!

bouzebbal1543d ago

6 million is nothing for a project of this size. Sony being involved with the project development is a great thing.

DigitalRaptor1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


$2 million is a story-centric Shenmue III.

$5 million is a fleshed feature-rich out Shenmue III.

$10 million is the game that Suzuki dreams of it being.

@ moldybread

You were here at E3 when it was announced and the same questions were being asked. The same ignorance was addressed clearly. You know the straightforward and logical answers to that question because you were there.

But i'll reiterate. Shenmue I & II were originally developed for the Sega Saturn. It had a 4 year development cycle that involved bespoke development and heavy research and development. Building an engine. Building brand new and ambitious features never before seen in games. Writing the story. Fleshing out the backstory of scores of characters. Introducing deep mechanics. Those 4 years and whatever money was spent on was scrapped to make a game that Suzuki (and Sega) believed Shenmue deserved to be on brand new hardware, which meant plans had to be escalated or even rethought for new hardware. More research and development, and ANOTHER brand new engine for Dreamcast hardware.

The first two games on Saturn and Dreamcast cost $45 million. That number also included marketing, promotion, etc. Divide that by 2 and it's $22 million per game. Suzuki and his team now have inexpensive and mature middleware to help make his games. Tools have become so much better and they are infinitely more accessible for developers. Look at where the story is going in Shenmue III. The story has been written for 14 years. Suzuki has been to China for research trips numerous times over the span of 14 years. he still visits out of his own pocket. The experience of Shenmue III is not going to be a grand scale sprawling city like in Shenmue II. It's a quite introverted city in China consisting of 3 villages. The scenarios are not going to be nearly as demanding or expensive.

So even if Shenmue III would cost $22 million by 2002 Sega's standards, it needs nowhere near close to that amount. Suzuki has been planning out the realities of his life's work for 14 years, and I think it's pretty obvious he knows what he's doing when he says $10 million is enough for the Shenmue III of his dreams.

The reactionary negativity surrounding Sony's Kickstarter announcement of Shenmue III at E3 still makes me facepalm. Use your brains people, or do your research.

freshslicepizza1543d ago


you still neglect to mention the average cost of making games now is still over 6 million dollars which is why this game will fall under the indie category. the listed price isn't going to be $60 either. that's why i said people need to keep their expectations in check. this is not a aaa game being made here and back when shenmue was made it was indeed a large aaa game meant to help sell hardware.

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TGG_overlord1543d ago

I was not given such a email...If this is the case, then I don´t understand why people are so angry?

Loktai1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

This has already been posted before for one secondly they didn't hit all their original stretch goals they are just making the same ones available to hit, even without that email look at games like star citizen holy shit your articlea title you chose to link sounds like they are debiting your bank account without asking or something.

Nowhere has anyone said anywhere that they are not going to make the game if not for extra funding and I have to say if you claim you didn't get the email why didnt you try looking on the official page? They say right there they reopened funding for popular demand etc the same as the email. But no let's just spread click bait articles. .. did you not see this get posted multiple times in the last day?

DanielGearSolid1543d ago

What was the purpose of the original article?

Are you trying to convince ppl not to donate?

Are you trying to paint YSnet as some greedy swindlers?

FYI the website also explains the purpose of the paypal option, so not getting an email, is a poor excuse. You either didnt do research or ignored the evidence in order to make a clickbait, "controversial" article.

Not only that the paypal option was confirmed months ago. so to act like it some sort of surprise and do this article now, is very suspicious.

I'm not a mind reader, but I cant think of any other motives here, besides clickbait for the money, or a genuine effort to sling mud at the Shenmue 3 project.

TGG_overlord1543d ago

I updated the post and credited you. It appears as if the mail ended up in my spam filter (for some-odd reason). So now people can make up their own minds about this matter.

Spenok1543d ago

Seriously. I don't get why people have these double standards everywhere I look in the gaming community. The most crowdfunded game (Star Citizen) has been collecting additional funds since their kickstarter ended, and just about every project does the same thing. Yet you don't see people moaning and complaining.

It's ridiculous people pick and choose what is okay to bitch about, and what others get free rides. Why not try being consistent with what you believe? No? Make too much sense? Okay, I'll just show myself out and try to forget this little thing known as common sense.

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Sonyslave31543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Man these guy gonna need at least 20 or 30mil 2 make the game .

TGG_overlord1543d ago

Well, the previous Shenmue games cost a whole lot to make. So that´s not far off imo. Thus all the trust issues.

mafiahajeri1543d ago

I'm no devolper, but shenmue was ahead of its time. I'm sure costs to make the game they want have gone down.

trywizardo1543d ago

well , for an open world game with graphics that its this gen , they need a lot more money ...

SegaGamer1543d ago

I'm getting a bit tired of these clickbait articles that are trying to sabotage Shenmue 3 now.

WE asked for this option. I didn't get the chance to donate through Kickstarter, i wanted to donate through Paypal, now i can do that.

They announced this Paypal option at the end of the Kickstarter campaign, we have known about it for 2 months now. You gaming "journalists" are supposed to be helping gaming, not harming it.

ritchi451543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

It's salty xbots creating negativity because Shenmue 3 won't appear on their console of choice. If it was multiplat then there wouldn't be any of these such articles

SegaGamer1543d ago

If that is true, then it would just prove how out of control this fanboy stuff is. Seriously, does it really matter what console Shenmue 3 is released on ? The fact that that is happening when 99% of gamers thought it was dead is a great thing for all gamers.

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