Destiny: The Taken King Review | AOTF

Destiny: The Taken King and the Year Two Update is a significant step forward towards making this game something more enjoyable rather than a chore, but it still focuses very narrowly on pleasing its existing player base. You’re still going to be on the grind, the work ahead of you is just better laid out. While the story campaign can offer 6-7 hours of solid gameplay to see it in its entirety, you still have that same problem of what do you do when it’s over if that’s all you came to see. Well, what you’re supposed to do is track some quests, take some bounties, earn some light level and get ready for the Raids and Weekly’s with your buddies. Hit the Crucible, play on all the new maps, earn some Legendary Marks or Strange Coins and then spend them over at Lord Shaxx or on Xur’s weekly visit. There’s really so much to keep you occupied in Destiny, and now it all feels a little less like busy work.

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