Ghost in the Shell: First Assault is what happens when games miss the point


"Ghost in the Shell is a Japanese franchise spanning multiple volumes of manga, anime adaptations, movies and more. At first glance you might think of it as just another sci-fi fantasy anime - it does, after all, feature a buxom lead female with purple hair fighting crime in a thong. But what makes Ghost in the Shell so good across its multiple iterations and incarnations is how it slowly peels back the sterotypical machismo-laden action to reveal itself as something far more thoughtful and personal."

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Roccetarius1125d ago

Unfortunately, this just seems like a way to use GitS in name only. Even if the game was rather simple, i did like to play the PS2 game.

Wasted potential.

ISHU1124d ago

True, this looks like a generic shooter. They should have tried something else.