Five reasons for the never-ending Nintendo love affair

"Nintendo has the ability to think outside of the traditional box and consistently comes up with bizarre, but wonderful concepts that manage to capture our hearts, minds and spirits.

Aside from the dazzling array of characters in the Mario series of videogames, such as Toad, Wario, Bowser and Luigi, there's many more that have captured our imagination, including Donkey Kong, Mr and Mrs Pacman and Link from Zelda. "

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wiizy4316d ago

its simple nintendo never stop being nintendo and i love sega too .. its a back in the days love... nintendo has the best franchises and always start whats new.. until sony and microsoft have something new and worthed for the next two generations nintendo is where its at.. then nintendo has games for everyone... the other two companies are learing though so you never know. although they try to come up with that hardcore lie...juct cause one company has shooters only and the other rpgs.. nintendo has everything..maybe not the right time but everything counts for me.