Find Destiny: Xur Agent of the Nine vendor location – September 18-20, 2015

Xur is back for the first time in The Taken King. Check out his goods and location.

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jackanderson19851549d ago

the numbers alone indicate that this article was in first

Aenea1549d ago

Ehmm, nope, the article you link too actually contains last week's Xur stuff. I know it was posted today but they made a booboo...

CitizenFour1549d ago

@ Aenea
If you scroll farther, it has a mobile screenshot of this weeks items...

with that being said though, the video in this link is more detailed and more helpful anyway.. imo

thekhurg1549d ago

Pretty lack luster 1st weekend of Taken King. Legacy Heavy Weapon Engram? For shame LOL.

Oh well, got the Japanese Astronaut helm from the nightfall yesterday so I'm good for a week.

Gority1549d ago

Anyone else have a problem with the fact that the exotic engram costs coins now instead of motes?

I mean.... I'll never go through these 500 some motes now.

Allsystemgamer1549d ago

Mates are used in infusion and levelling up gear

thekhurg1549d ago

Infusions, gear leveling and buying faction rep are things motes are used for.

Aceman181549d ago

Destiny trolled me again wasted all my coins for

3 dragons breath
3 truth
2 gjally

Not one of those 3 Truths turned into a yr 2 version.
Guess I was lucky enough to get the stag lol

LAWSON721549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Uh it is a legacy engram... Year 1 stuff only.

Aceman181549d ago

Yea I just noticed while looking at the app lol

LAWSON721549d ago

I got all year 2 versions of year one stuff from my 3 engrams sadly.

Now I have 5 year 2 exotics from year one, lol actually did not even have one of them during year one (truth).

corroios1549d ago

But why. It shuld give good weapons

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