One of the very few Xbox One logos at this year’s Tokyo Game Show

One of the very few Xbox One logos at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Photo by Toshi Nakamura.

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SaveFerris1550d ago

Wasn't MS attending TGS this year, but not having a conference?

jon_snow1550d ago

no, They don't even have show floor. They are completely absent and only their logo on few multiplatform title.
Atleast Sony attended Gamescom and had largest booth interacting with fans.

SaveFerris1550d ago

Didn't know that. Although they are not abandoning Japan, by not having a presence at TGS it looks as if they don't really care about supporting the Japanese market, as small as their fan base is.

Xavior_Reigns1549d ago

And the articles were missing...

GrubsterBeater1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

And of course you won't see any articles flooding N4G titled:

"MS weren't at TGS, are they doomed?!"

Magicite1549d ago

MS were only at E3 and GamesCom, but they wont participate at any other event.

P.S. Also they were at PAX.

AizenSosuke1549d ago

Romance of three Kingdoms 13 is coming to XBox ONe that's awesome!

1549d ago Replies(2)
Lennoxb631549d ago

Even if MS had the best JRPGs exclusive to their console, I think the Japanese still wouldn't buy an X1. I say this as an Xbox only gamer.

PS4 is in what I call the "iPhone position." Doesn't matter what's going on with the competition, its still going to outsell it. Even if the PS4 was the weaker console it would outsell it.