Skyshine's BEDLAM Review (GameWatcher)

From GameWatcher: "Bedlam is a rogue-like, turn-based strategy game from developer, Skyshine. Taking place in the far off future, the last remnants of civilized humanity have shut themselves inside the walled city of Bysantine, but resources are running scarce. A wealthy benefactor takes a long shot on sending an expedition on a large machine known as a dozer to find a rumored utopia known as Aztec City. To reach the fabled land, the expedition must survive the long and ravenous roads of the region of Bedlam, which is crawling with warring factions that traded humanity for barbarism. Bedlam has a lot to offer and many secrets to discover, but even the most calculating and resourceful strategists will find that the slightest mistakes can have crippling consequences for their expedition."

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