The 10 Most Important Games You've Never Heard Of

Former EDGE editor, Margaret Robertson, reveals 2007's ten most important games you've never heard of at this year's Edinburgh Interactive Festival.

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Mr PS34316d ago

We would have heard of them !!

But in some cases Unimportant games are freaking everywhere
On the side of a shake,in the mens Sh!tters,on the side of a taxi,posters, billboards,everywhere you turn thes a Advert for the most unimportant game of all time
Halo 3

gaffyh4316d ago

Will anyone be covering this Edinburgh Festival live? It's meant to be one of the biggest gaming events in UK.

Ve3tro4316d ago

We are hoping to get someone out to the event who lives near by.

Scotracer4316d ago

I don't know why I've never been along to try and go to this -- it's in my home town ffs...

wiizy4316d ago

nintendo has the right games coming out hardcore or will secure wii being in first place and wii2 can be the right mix