Ignorant European pols replace ignorant American pols

EU justice commissioner Franco Frattini wants to establish "basic standards" in games during "design stage, production and retail sale." The retail details are setting parental advisory warnings and age restrictions on sale, it's the "standards" for the "design stage" and "production" that should make gamers in Europe nervous.

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MicroGamer4326d ago

how much money they are going to lose if their game design studios all move out of Europe. That's an awful lot of high paying tech jobs and a lot of money in taxes collected.

calderra4325d ago

Karl Marx once said that Democracies would naturally progress toward Communism as the people would demand more and more direct oversight of their lives, and I think this battle is living proof that he was at some level correct.

-Germany's moving to outlaw ALL shooters in that country.
-In the United States, your video game can be re-rated and to a tougher rating and your company sued for millions if third party mods add more mature / offensive content to your game (for example, Oblivion and The Sims)- EVEN IF that content was in no way included on the game disc.
-Greece has absolutely insane limits on videogames, including bans on having electronic video games in public - including even cell phone games.

Limiting free speech is a slippery slope.

MicroGamer4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

So DOAX2 comes out with a M rating but some idiot makes a nude patch and it is now AO and Tecmo gets fined even though they had nothing to do with the mod?? That doesn't sound right. What about the retailers who sold the game as an M rated game?? Do they get fined too if they sold it to anyone who doesn't meet the standard of an AO rating?? Every retailer in the country could find themselves in court. We have something about passing no ex post facto law in America, which means if I do something that is legal today, but becomes illegal tomorrow, I can't be charged with a crime because the law wasn't in effect yesterday when I did whatever I did. I don't think they can do that.