Attack on Titan (PS4/PS3/Vita) Gets First 8 Minutes of Gameplay, 2 Trailers

The mega-hit manga with over 50 million copies sold is making its way to the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita as a video game.

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Godmars2901548d ago

Want to say AI on the Titans could be better, but if it were it would just be that tougher of a game.

Game4r1548d ago

Looks like this is the beginning of the game. It probably will get tougher later in the game

Godmars2901548d ago

Later in the game you'll have - [Spoiler}*

*As if no one who's read the manga or seen the first few episodes doesn't know.

Dir_en_grey1548d ago

They already said this is just a motion/gameplay test built. It's just an alpha to show people that the movement will be like in the manga/anime.

AizenSosuke1548d ago

Game is going to be awesome folks spread the word. #AttackofTitanPS4

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jznrpg1548d ago

Looks better than I expected, I am definitely more interested now.

kratoz12091548d ago

Perhaps we will even face the other Titan


the one that awakens inside the city and is larger than the colossal

VsAssassin1548d ago

This will be a big hit in Japan at least. I can only see the fame of this game when it launches!

RAM0N 1548d ago

This looks good day 1 buy

killacal131548d ago

Don Ramon, why did you get disagrees, this game is a day one for me too, now all I need is a Berserk game and I am set.

RAM0N 1548d ago

Hell yea berserk and samurai x

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The story is too old to be commented.