Where Will the Pikmin Put Down Their Roots?

Some educated guesses as to where Nintendo will release the newly announced Pikmin 4.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1548d ago

Considering they've announced that it's nearly finished, it should be a no-brainer that it's coming to the Wii U.
There's no way they'd hold it off till 2017 just to release it on NX.

RPGrinder1548d ago

NX is coming holiday 2016.

wonderfulmonkeyman1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I've been over this a dozen times, but what the hell, once more can't hurt.

Nintendo's home console release habits are as follows:

#1 A 5 year cycle.
Wii U was released in 2012. Do the math and that adds up to 2017.

#2 Nintendo releases home consoles a year following their official announcement.
NX will officially be announced in 2016.
Again, simple math = 2017.

#3 Nintendo has stated, repeatedly, that they won't be abandoning the Wii U early, as that wouldn't be fair to the 10M+ Wii U owners out there.
To strengthen this statement, there's the fact that it'd take them until AT LEAST mid 2017 before they'd have enough games ready for NX to have a strong launch line-up filled with games designed from the ground up for the system, instead of relocated Wii U games.
And on top of this, they intend to continue supporting the Wii U in their new account system and the new Club Nintendo successor.
Why plan support for a system they are going to abandon early?
That's a rhetorical question; they won't, because they aren't.

2016 is not only too soon, it goes against every statement they've made.

Mid 2017 at the earliest. Early 2017 if some sort of strange reasoning comes out of Nintendo for it.
But holiday 2016?
Least likely of all answers.