TGS 2015: Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Is Gross And Vicious | IGN


Developer From Software does enemy encounters really well, and Bloodborne’s first expansion, The Old Hunters, is a strong reminder of what makes this such an incredible action game. It also highlights the horror of this nauseating and bleak world once more.

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Elda1542d ago

Gross & vicious in Bloodborne....Beautiful!!!

NewMonday1542d ago

just found out an interesting fact, this is the only exclusive release during holiday season on new gen consoles.

Spenok1542d ago

I'm pretty sure this is false. Let me look that up.

Yep. Sony has Tales of Zestiria as well as Soma, Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection, Dragon Quest Heroes, The Talos Principle (previously released on PC), Sword Art Online: Lost Song, No Mans Sky (if it doesn't get delayed, which it looks like it will). And all those TGS announcements. I know many, if not the vast majority are releasing next year, a few of them are this year.

WiiU has Yoshi's Woolly World, Fatal Frame, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Devils Third.

Xbone has Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider (obviously timed), and Fable Legends (assuming it makes the holiday launch).

Unless you were of course talking about Sony's first party studios.... in which case I'll just quietly walk away lol.

NewMonday1541d ago


Non of those are within holiday season, all come out before , only exclusive coming out in that season is Bloodborn the Old Hunters

Not talking about WiiU though

Septic1542d ago

I love Bloodborne's gross world. It reminds me of some retro games where I genuinely felt part of the game world. Its been a while since I felt enveloped by a game's level design.

The Lovecraftian art style was sublime yet disturbing in this. What the game lacks in raw visual fidelity it MORE than makes up for with its incredible art style.

NewMonday1542d ago

I felt dread whenever I played the game, yet after finishing it I had the urge to platinum it (I only ever went for platinum twice before and only got one)

and after days in Chalice dungeons I got the platinum, yet I felt sad and empty, I realized I never wanted to leave and looked for excuses to stay.


then it hit me, this is exactly what the many NPCs ere felling and also the hunter in the games ending, they lived in a nightmare yet don't want to leave.

robtion1542d ago

Bloodborne is fantastic. I have finished it about 5 times, once on NG+.

Only need to kill the queen to get the platinum but have stalled on that. Those late chalice dungeons get mighty challenging.

robtion1542d ago

I agree with you. One of the most atmospheric games I have played, and generally great art design. Also love the blood splatter effect on clothing and the environment after visceral kills.

DrumBeat1542d ago

I had never played a Souls game in my life. Bloodborne (though part of the Souls series) was my very first souls-esque esperience. People warned me that I may not like it, and that it may not be my type of game. Well, I absolutely LOVED it, became addicted to it, and platted it.

Can't wait for the expansion. Amazing job by FS.

Phill-Spencer1542d ago

Same here.from trailers gameplay and visual styleof the game looked extremly interesting to me. So i ordered it but i was worried that i could not even finish the story because the game would maybe be to difficult for me. But after dying a couple of time i figured out how the game works and finally got addicted to. Played it straight until ng+7. It is truly one of the best games i have played in 20 years of gaming and i'm hyped for the announced dlc and hoping for more to come.

robtion1542d ago

Easily GOTY for me so far and unlikely to be topped.