I waited an hour and a half to play Gravity Rush PS4


I was surprised at Tokyo Game Show. It wasn't that there were melon-breasted anime women making out with each other in a trailer casually playing all about Sony's booth. It was that the line for Gravity Rush (Gravity Daze here in glorious Nippon) PS4 in front of the trailer screen had the most people waiting. More than Bloodborne, more than Uncharted HD, which weirdly had prime real estate.

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jon_snow1125d ago

People should try this Unique and wonderful game. It's one of best sandbox game. Great title with plenty of hours of gameplay.

NewMonday1124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

its like a Sandbox platformer with a great soundtrack

plmkoh1124d ago

Best 'character' game this generation IMO.

TomatoDragon1124d ago

Its an excellent title. Platinumed it on Vita, and will be getting the ps4hd version, and the sequel.

Skate-AK1124d ago

Same. Need to get the DLC for the trophies though.

CernaML1124d ago

Beat it on Vita, will beat it again on PS4. I absolutely loved the world and characters in this game. Hands down best Vita game Ive played.

robtion1124d ago

Still the best exclusive game on Vita.

Septic1124d ago

Definitely buying this

robtion1124d ago

Definitely a smart choice ;)

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