Latest Nintendo patent involves haptic feedback

NE: "Yet another Nintendo patent has been found. Back in March, the company filed for a device involving haptic feedback. This was only just published today."

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marloc_x1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )


3-4-51547d ago

I love that Nintendo is always tinkering and trying new things.

It may be a success it may fail, but they never stop trying.

They don't just give into the trend, they try to expand upon it.

I have a lot of respect for that part of Nintendo.

Kalebninja1547d ago

Could be anything. I don't think they will be going with a tablet like controller again because that would be suicide. It could be the 3ds successor or maybe their new controller has a little touch area like the ds4

Voids1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Excellent for UI/UX designers to create interfaces where you begin to allow your users to build a type of muscle memory on a flat touch screen surface which helps for hand placement.

Example - lots of games on iPhones and Androids, sometimes you'll mis-tap a button in the heat of battle (Street Fighter on the iPhone is the easiest game to use for this scenario) while the haptic will sort of send a helpful signal to your brain and help develop a type of muscle memory which then in turn enhances the over-all experience.

Good move Nintendo! :D

Pintheshadows1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

This all depends all the quality of the haptic feedback as at the moment, the tech can be very hit and miss. I hope Nintendo nail it.

I also hope they do better with Starfox.

Genova841547d ago

I hate haptic feedback on my phone, so i always shut it off. Wonder what this could be.