Destiny Taken King Controversy, Why Some Players Need To Get Over It

Destiny players who haven't bought The Taken King Expansion are accusing Bungie of creating a pay wall for older content like, Heriocs,Nightfalls, and other content from Destiny, in . Some of these players feel like Bungie is forcing them to purchase The Taken King in order to revisit older content. PoliGames is here to tell those unlucky few, why it isn't a big deal.

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StanLee1717d ago

No, they shouldn't "get over it". If Bungie wanted to lock out year 1 players from content they've been playing and are entitled to having bought the game they should have just released Destiny 2.

Baka-akaB1717d ago

They don't , people can do whatever they want .

But when you know the hybrid mmo nature of the game and how it was planned to go , i personally don't see much point in sticking with the game if you're not going to follow the next content and get Taken King .

I don't plan to , and thus left months ago ...

antz11041716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

As an avid Destiny fan that was on the fence to buy the dlc, I was pretty annoyed that the newest update locks 90% of the crucible behind a payroll now, and I only have access to a few mixed bag modes.

It's fine if you want to charge for additional content, but to remove features that were already there is sh$tty. So no, I don't feel like anyone should get over this.

Baka-akaB1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

I'm not saying they should . Like i said i'm not even playing the game anymore .

Am i surprised however ? Especially when they locked even ps exclusive content ? Nope .

And aside from making a moral stance , or not being ready to get the new pieces , it's no real use playing it without wishing to move on to the new content , at some point

grahf1717d ago

The playlists have been evolving with each DLC. People not able to play certain Nightfall or weeklies has been around since December, which are just playlists for content that they have access to. And to be honest, with how many changes have come with this "expansion" it feels like it is Destiny 2.

robothouserock1716d ago

Saw a buddy playing the "new expansion" and encouraging me to play with him again (I played/paid through the first expansion). Guess what he was doing... a venus strike that has been around since launch. Man they sure changed the game!

Destiny has a solid game hidden beneath a shallow, painful grindfest job. The mechanics are great, the shooting and movement feels solid and the pvp is fun/competitive. But how many times can you do the same bullshit strikes/patrols and still think you are doing anything fun and interesting? I really enjoyed the time I had with Destiny, but its definitely over. No amount of minor changes (wow you can move guns between characters with your phone!?) will bring me back.

I highly doubt this expansion (which brings the full cost of Destiny if you played since launch up to two full games now) feels like Destiny 2.

D3TH_D33LR1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

With this being the 3rd expansion that has done this I would think Destiny players would've already figured out that old strikes and nightfalls take a seat on the backburner. I don't feel bad for them. Nightfalls and strike playlists are there to earn endgame currency to further upgrade your armor and weapons. Sure they're a challenge but the older strikes still exist for you to play, and if you didn't buy the DLC then you won't need legendary marks and the such therefor the nightfalls and strike playlists aren't appealing other than its a challenge. Well newsflash, your old strikes are still there on the map still available to play.

This game doesn't have a sub fee, which is huge, and if it did I could see their point. But it doesn't and the way the game world moves forward is through DLC content drops. And at this point Bungie says well if you like this constantly online universe then yes you must pay for the next drop of content or be left behind. Just as you would be dropped if you didn't pay your sub fees, which this game has none but in a way the DLC acts like a sub fee. Get over it. The game is unique so don't get your jimmies rustled into thinking this sets a precedent for all devs to support their games in a similar manner. Don't like it? There's Warframe for you.

The only thing I can think of that Bungie can do to remedy this is make a year 1 tab for vendors that unlocks equipment based on what DLC you have. And maybe run a separate year 1 strike and nightfall playlist but one that only offers to reward you with experience and old useless guns. Seems like a lot of work to implement that for nothing though.

grahf1717d ago

A few things that aren't being mentioned... Level is capped at 34 for Year 1 players. And with the changes in loot, they can become more powerful than that with increased light then even being decked out in full HoW gear.

Another thing that isn't mentioned... What have Vanilla players GOTTEN over the past year that wasn't included in the box. New loot was always available to them to get from the vendors. New events like the Hive invasions & Prowling Wolves. New crucible play lists. Xur even has an exotic engram SPECIFICALLY for Vanilla players in his inventory right now.

At first I was a little sympathetic, but now I'm smelling the stench of entitlement.

SouljAx3601717d ago

I'm one of those idiots that paid 95 bucks for the game already base game plus season pass. And yeah, the only thing I'm over is this game I'm not paying another 40 dollars to access shit I already paid for.

Knushwood Butt1717d ago

Agree with Stan.

Fact is, if you don't have TTK content there's really no point playing the game now, when up until this release you could enjoy vanilla Destiny just fine.

I'm holding off on TTK and given the number of other games I want to play this is probably the end of my time with Destiny.

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GuruMeditation1717d ago

Yeah, please don't tell us how to feel. The truth is, we stuck up for destiny from day one, and this is the thanks we get for having faith in the product.

Saijahn1717d ago

When HoW came out I didn't purchase it. I couldn't do the Dragan strikes nor get any of the equipment that would drop...Sooooo I bought HoW and within the first few Dragan strikes I got Hopscotch Pilgrim, a weapon that was exclusive to that strike playlist.

Moral of the story All of the base game is still playable in Destiny. The functionality however has evolved to the latest mechanics and expansion. So has the content. You want it? Buy TTK.

Death1717d ago

If you can no longer access weekly/daily missions because of the expansion, you are losing content and game play. I get what people are saying, there should be an alternate mission available if the expansion is keeping existing players from accessing weekly/daily missions.

Saijahn1717d ago

but as the history of the game has shown, at some point there will be a regular daily story / nightfall, etc. that even vanilla players can play. Right now the focus is on The Taken King, just like it was when The Dark Below launched, and same when House of Wolves launched. Nobody said anything about it then.

Summons751717d ago

I'd love to but the PSN store is telling me if I do I am also rebuying Destiny and Corta. (I also passed on HoW because of the lack of content and it's over pricing) but now I can't get TTK because I didn't get that....complete BS, pretty sure double dipping is illegal but apparently it's perfectly okay now.

BEASELY1717d ago

If you had such faith in the product and love it as much as your comment describes, you'd stick with it by getting the newest content amd moving forward with your experience. I don't feel sympathetic for you in the slightest. You're a casual fan that drops in once every couple weeks for a Nightfall and now wants to cry about being left behind.

Yeah, you spent $60... Last year.

1717d ago
ninsigma1717d ago

Well if that's not a title that will incite hate I don't know what is!

I do agree with people who haven't bought ttk in this case though. There's no reason why there couldn't be a separate nightfall and heroic for those who don't have it. I mean it wouldn't even need to be a separate option. Just have the servers check whether they have ttk, if they don't then the heroic/nightfall strikes will be from the year one list. If they do have ttk then they are taken from the list of every strike. I do think it's a way of making people buy ttk which I understand because they are a business and they want to as many people on it as possible but from a consumer standpoint it's not very good.

Baka-akaB1717d ago

It was the same when they made the PS exclusive strikes , and werent using them in rotations , just because it wasnt on Xbox , and they didnt bother making separate playlists . Very aggravating indeed

grahf1717d ago

But they've been locking people out how haven't bought each expansion since The Dark Below... This isn't new. And its a little more complicated than just a "server check", the nightfalls are end game strikes that require level 40. The max level a Vanilla player can get is 34.

ninsigma1717d ago

May not be new but that doesn't mean it's good.
Well server checks can be complicated lol
The level could be taken into account. The way I see it, it requires two lists. One list to contain every strike with the difficulty set to the level cap. The second list contains the strikes only from year 1 where the difficulty is set to the year one level cap. The server then checks whether the player is a year one or year 2 player and provides the relevant strikes. Obviously it's not as simple as that statement sounds but that's the basics of it I feel and I don't believe it couldn't be done in some shape or form.

grahf1717d ago

I'm sure it could be done.
So they are going to develop a system for legacy players, which takes time & finite resources away from working on the next expansions and the next installment for a game that you can't even buy anymore (except used) just to appease a vocal minority who feel entitled to new things even though they aren't a source of revenue?
Not happening.

Death1717d ago

Vanilla player...

Any reason you keep saying this? Not everyone has the means to buy all content in a game. That doesn't make them any less a gamer than you claim to be. You sound very foolish every time you call people "vanilla".

ninsigma1717d ago

It could have been implemented when first designed. Obviously now it seems like a pointless task. Should have been done at the time of design and implementation.

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Saijahn1717d ago

I can see if this was the first time that expansions locked players out..but it's not. When the previous expansions dropped I was locked out of the nightfalls, strikes, and armor and guns until I purchased the expansions.

ninsigma1717d ago

Didn't realise that it had been that way before because I didn't get the expansions until ttk.

Obviously most people will have jumped to ttk anyway so it's not too big of a deal but it would have been a nice feature to have implemented from the beginning for those who can't upgrade yet or are not willing to upgrade and are content playing the game with the content prior to ttk.

elarcadia1717d ago

I understand that when DLC is release, especially for MMOs, it sometimes makes it hard to please everyone. Certain weekly and daily goals may include content that is only included on the new DLC, which would obviously make it inaccesible to those who do not own the DLC. HOWEVER, what I DON'T understand it literally shoving it to your loyal fanbase before the game has even been out for one full week! I stopped playing Destiny over 6 months ago, but I would be pissed if I were still an active player. From a marketing/pr point of view, it makes a lot more sense to slowly cater to the new fans, while still pleasing your old fans. Then, as more new people jump in, you can start focusing more on weekly and daily missions that pertain only to the DLC. All Bungie and Activision seem to have done at this point is really piss people off who have been supporting the game since Day 1.

grahf1717d ago

All the people that I know, have played with (thousands?), and discuss the game with (r/DestinyTheGame) that have been supporting Destiny since Day 1 have done so by buying each expansion. If you didn't make it past the first few weeks, or gave up a few months ago, thats fine, but you probably didn't keep up with the now three expansions, so that support is... what exactly? Defending the game here on N4G? Without any actual experience of each of the changes that have taken place over the past year?

Also, I couldn't imagine playing Vanilla Destiny for a year without the expansions... There was hardly anything to do!

elarcadia1717d ago

I do have all the expansions, I bought the season pass. I just didn't play it regularly. I didn't even discuss the gameplay or expansion above, or as you like to call it "defend the game on N4G". Instead, I am saying that the practice of shutting people out (literally days after the new game released) just seems like a surefire way to piss off fans that may not have been able to pick up the expansion yet.

Baka-akaB1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Taken King doesnt exactly scream "new players" , it's actually content (regardless of how it was brought forth) for regular players , and a package so newcomers wouldnt miss everything .

Most people knew from the beginning that the game would advance via dlcs expansions and everyone was fine with it , except for the part were those dlcs were mediocre and rumored to be cut content .

It' like complaining about not enough being done for the original world of warcraft (or any mmo) players , when you know that the biggest chunk of content would come via an expansion .

Of course everyone will do whatever they feel like doing . But usually Destiny players will be :

- playing mostly for co-op with friends . Or even some pvp . In wich case not having the expansions means less mp content and ultimately boredom

-Or plunged into it as some kind of rpg grinding experience ... in which case you kinda need the next steps to advance .

elarcadia1717d ago

Most definitely. I know quite a few new-to-Destiny players that picked it up though, so it is helping to bring in some new players. I don't play many MMO's, so I am sure this practice is more common than not for an MMO. I still feel that there could have been a better way to deal with it though, some way to keep fans who might not be able to pick up the expansion yet still feel welcome. I did hear that they gave longtime players special rewards though, so hopefully that will quell the frustrations I have been seeing all over the internet.

Yui_Suzumiya1717d ago

Should've just waited until year 2 from the beginning like me. I'm getting the whole shebang once I complete Fallout 4 and Dying Light and it's $40. I knew from the beginning this would happen which is why I waited.

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