Murder Suspect Too Busy Playing Guitar Hero To Notice Impending Arrest

30-year-old Raymundo Castaneda is suspected of having killed a man in December 2007 following a dispute over a soccer game. Wanted by the fuzz in Charlotte over the murder, Castaneda was apprehended by police in Jacksonville on Friday, who tracked him down after he was spotted at a local Wal-Mart. Spotted playing Guitar Hero in the games section. And playing it so damn hard he didn't even notice police first approaching, then surrounding him.

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ILikeButter4312d ago

What can i say. Guitar Hero is fun.

sunnygrg4312d ago

"Activision press release soon."

"Wonder if he asked the cops to help him on co-op mode. ^^"

"I bet the cops waited until he failed a song."

"I just called the cops on him because he was spending too long at the demo kiosk. Had no idea he was a murderer. "

"cops took him off the streets because he was assaulting people's ears."

"He probably was about to get an achievement."

made me lol.

solidt124312d ago

I hope he got an achievement for his performance because he is going away for a longtime and won't be getting any for a while.

yesah4312d ago

Guitar Hero is a hero

4311d ago
kapedkrusader4311d ago

...with today's media your always guilty until proven innocent. I think it's wrong to make his name and picture public, since he is already under custody. And what if he's innocent? He will forever be tarnished by this ordeal.

apoc6154311d ago

Now thats funny, i dont care who you are ... :)

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