The Problem With Xbox One Exclusive Titles

Throwing Digital Sheep takes a look what Microsoft needs to do for its loyal customers, as Sony storms ahead with securing interesting exclusive titles.

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sammarshall1021221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

I'd say Microsoft is doing better than ever as far as exclusives

And next year looks even better than this great year

And if that's all you see is Halo, Gears, and Forza then you haven't been paying much attention

Ashten, Cuphead, Below, Solus project, Quantum Break, Scalebound, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves and there's already released games like Killer Instinct, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, State of Decay

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Foehammer1221d ago

Well said

Some ppl see what they want to see, or in this case, put blindfolds on.

Why does the title reference exclusives then be followed up with a multiplatform game like No mans Sky in the sub text? Blindfolds again I guess.

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Magicite1221d ago

Because only Halo, Gears, and Forza moves xbox hardware (and multiplats), everything else is niche for that crowd.

Concertoine1221d ago

So? Doesnt make the games any less great.

kaizokuspy1220d ago


I went to next gen this february. I bought a ps4. I own 70 games for it, digitally. That's
4 free to play, 12 I have I gotten from ps plus, so that's 54 titles I was willing to pay for that I enjoy. Xbox one doesn't have near enough titles that I would buy that come close to that. As appealing as gears, forza, and halo are as well as what's already out, there is absolutely no reason to get an xbox one. They're more expensive and there just isn't enough games yet, but meanwhile as they release more, I'm getting buried and backlogged by what sony is offering me. That's the biggest point I can make. It's not that xbox is a bad console, I just find that the ps4 offers way way more.

Concertoine1220d ago


First of all its not more expensive. A 500gb xbone with one game is $349 and the 500gb PS4 with one game is $399. Those are just retail prices, the xbone is almsot always on sale somewhere with an extra game or 3 months of live or something.

Also, you're speaking for yourself. I have a wii u, ps4 and xbone and they all offer a bunch of games i like. It's easy to say that the console you don't have is lacking compared to the one you do, but there's always a bunch of games on all three.

AngelicIceDiamond1221d ago

"Although this is only a timed exclusive, it is just another example of how Microsoft is falling behind; it isn’t giving gamers enough small, interesting game releases."

Below, Inside, Tacoma, Elite Dangerous plus many others are timed on Xbox. So I'm not sure what the authurs talking about.

"Sure, Rise of the Tomb Raider is set to be a timed exclusive for Microsoft platforms but I think it is fair to say that the game will simply offer a similar experience to that offered by the previous Tomb Raider game."

So he doesnt want TR playin like TR? In all seriousness I know what he means he think this game will play similarly like the last. From what I've seen it looks far bigger, ambitious and straight better than the last one.

"They have to not only secure the sale of a console but also ensure that the customer feels warrented in sticking around, they need to constantly reinforce the customer’s decision to invest in their platform. Getting Lara Croft in snow gear a year ahead of the competition just isn’t going to cut it. I want new experiences, new challenges, new standards being set and that simply isn’t being delivered in the roster of Xbox One exclusive titles."

Then don't buy X1 software for 2015 then look at 2016. The authur is talking strictly indies here which MS has some excellent ones for next year. Sony has more "famous, bigger or critically acclaimed indie heading to PS4 than X1 but at this point ppl are nitpicking.

Hes thinkin about trading his console for a PS4 just because it has said indies. That's fine that his decision I respect it but to trade your console for different types of indies is pretty ridiculous admittedly.

jb2271220d ago

The commonality between all of those Xbox indies is that they don't actually exist yet. Gamers are free to buy a box based off of a promise of any given title and it makes plenty of sense to do so, but if you are solely looking at what is available to play now, PS4 just has more variety. Sure that's largely down to some great indies but their AAA first party stuff is nothing to sneeze at. If someone isn't bothered by a games budget & is more interested in a games quality then I don't see how it could be "ridiculous" to want to switch to PS4 assuming those are the kinds of experiences they want. It's crazy to me that some gamers are saying that people should hold off and wait for the stream of quality indies to hit the Xbox and with the same breath say that Sony gamers shouldn't be willing to hold off for the stream of quality AAA games to release. It's all down to preferences, and seeing as how this is an opinion piece, it's well within his right to covet some of the experiences already on offer for the PS4, just like it's well within my right as a PS4 gamer to covet Rise of the Tomb Raider. I think the bigger problem at hand are console warriors willing to downplay and belittle anything that doesn't appear on their platform, those are the ones in denial, not a dude stating his honest opinions about the games he's actually played & the others that he has streamed. No one (aside from the hardcore fanboy crowd) is saying that the XBO doesn't have some great games & a lot of potential down the line, people are just commenting on what is available on store shelves & in the marketplace in the here & now, and that is favoring the PS4 at the moment in terms of quantity & variety. Opinions differ and maybe you'd trade all of the indies in the world for the next Halo title, but don't expect everyone to feel the same way.

zeuanimals1221d ago

Don't forget Recore and Halo Wars 2.

sammarshall1021220d ago

@BigBoyEyes I have no clue how a comment that is so incorrect like yours gets a well said bubble lol

Ashen, Cuphead, and Ori will never come to the PS4 they are console exclusives

You mention 9 Halo games but fail to mention there is multiple Uncharted games, God of War games, Killzone

If the series is good it should continue and that's what we see with Halo, Forza, Gears of War

XanderZane1220d ago

He also failed to mention the 9 Halo games are across 3 difference XBox platforms. GT series has like 12 different games across 4 PS platforms. What about God of War & Hot Shots Golf on 5 different PS platforms as well. Both XBox and PS have several long running exclusive series. Even though see are the popular games on each platform, there are still other exclusives on both platforms that are very good.

elarcadia1220d ago

I played Cuphead at PAX and it is insanely awesome. I cannot wait to play the completed version!

jb2271220d ago

It does look amazing. I'm really hoping they introduce proper levels to go along with the boss fights for the sequel though. I've just always liked a boss fight being both a challenge & a reward at the end of a level. It sure is beautiful, if it plays half as good as it looks it's bound to be one of the better titles releasing next year.

elarcadia1220d ago

I talked to the creators for about 20 minutes whiel I waited to play (some line-cutting journalists tried to cramp my style :P) and they stated that they, "Only have boss levels available for the demo". When I asked them if that meant all levels were going to be boss oriented, they said "No, they shouldn't be". I'll take that as a good sign!

user99502791220d ago

"the problem with XB1 exclusive titles..."

They aren't on Playstation? =P

lxeasy1220d ago

Agreed @sammarshall plus more games like the stellar Ori and the Blind Forest and Titanfall.

Loadedklip1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Let's be honest ... the main reason people get an X-Box or Playstation is for the multiplatform games. Exclusives are just a bonus.

All you have to do is look at the sales chart. Multiplatform games dominate both their list.

Call of Duty, GTA, Destiny, Assassin's Creed for example are owned by more PS4 and XB1 users than say Last of Us or Halo. Yes the remastered/collections of last gen games are the best selling exclusives so far for both Sony and Microsoft.

PS4 and XB1 are mainly ... third party game machines. Exclusives are just a bonus. Which system a gamer's friend is playing Call of Duty for example is a bigger reason for that gamer to choose one or the other.

But I am sure I will get some people to disagree with facts.

Josuey1220d ago

I fail to see how microsoft has had a great year when they will only have released 2 exclusives by the end of this year.

sammarshall1021220d ago

Maybe because the year isn't over until January and we have Ori and the Blind Forest, State of Decay, Rare Replay, Forza 6, Gears of War Ultimate edition, and Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider (1 year) and Fable Legends coming

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frostypants1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

All of those "already released" games you list are old as dirt. Ryse? Let's put the launch titles to bed.

sammarshall1021220d ago

They came out on the consoles we are discussing so they count

fermcr1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

This opinion piece is a joke. Only one thing to do... * facepalm *

Both the PS4 and X1 have great exclusives (presently) and will have great exclusives for 2016. If you can't see that, then you are a blind fanboy... or simply blind.

kenwonobi1220d ago

To each his own. I can speak for myself and say games like Resongun, Until Dawn, Infamous, many others just unique enough to feel new and different. I understand Halo, Gears of War, Forza are great franchises. They are really common games in common genres though. If a person wants a shooter likeHalo? There are always so many on each console. If you want a racer like Forza? Ps4 isn't lacking racing games. Gears is somewhat unique but at the end the day a common 3rd person shooter. There is not many Until Dawn games anywhere else, Resogun is unique in design, tear away, bloodbourne hard to find anywhere else, The Last Guardian is one of a kind. Many unique Indie games. Its just variety. When we start to get used to it? PS4 is even gonna throw virtual reality at us. It's just so much gaming content of all kinds. While Microsoft is rich in features and a few big hitter exclusives? Sony is rich in gaming and variety content. Rich in PlayStation store offerings.

fermcr1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Are you saying that X1 only has Halo, Gears and Forza? X1 has no more exclusives beside those three?

How ignorant can you be!
I'm not making lists because you simply don't care... or don't want to care.

Automatic791220d ago

@Kenwonobi here are some unique games if you want story driven experiences try Dark Dreams Don't Die D4 and Blues and Bullet, you want one of a kind go for Ori and the Last forest. If you looking for VR games MS signed on with Oculus and Valve trust plenty of VR games with those two Giants. You truly have to look for experiences on Xbox One believe you me you wont find them on any other consoles. You are right MS rich in features but also Rich in Games.

3-4-51220d ago

Uhh there is no problem with PS4/XB1/Wii U exclusives.

All of them are good for their respective console.

PistolsAtDawn1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

People here just see what they want to see, not what the truth is. It's just the way of life in the gaming community these days. People that say MS is evil for tying up exclusives immediately turn around and praise Sony for doing the same thing if not worse.

They are all great consoles and I do love them all, but X1 easily gets the most of my attention. Without saying anything bad about the others, I just feel like the X1 and it's catalog of games is the best, but the others have some gems too.

It's amazing that a trash article like this shot to #1 though. Welcome to N4G

Kyizen1220d ago

Problem is 90% of those aren't exclusives as they are in PC. I will play most of them and do not own a Xbox One

Lilrizky1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I think at best they are both solid. With the exception of a couple on each platform like bloodborne, the remasters on ps4 and ori and the blind forest and the remasters on xbox one.

until dawn, infamous, littlebig planet 3, killzone are good, not amazing, but they're generally well made games. there were a few slip-ups like knack, order and drive club (which i'm told is now improved). But you can see by the current line-up and future line-up (with ratchet, last guardian, uncharted, horizon, street fighter) that sony is going for a variety in different experiences.

They also tend to release games throughout the year rather than focus on a particular period (like holiday). Eg. they started the year off with titles like infamous, order, bloodborne, street fighter 5, MLB etc. while having at least half a dozen triple A (new or remastered title) games for the rest of the year.

The gaps are filled with third party marketing. This is how 360 had a large competitive advantage over PS3 last gen. If kilzone and resistance don't sell or aren't as well received as other first person shooters, what do you do? Try to convince the market that the best place to play bungie's, DICE's and treyarch's next game is on PS4. it's a nice little strategy. ofc that doesn't mean their PS games, but I think sony has benefited by associating games like arkham knight, destiny, shadow of mordor and metal gear solid 5 with the PS brand.

Now Microsoft does something different altogether and that's fine. it's not a problem, it's just a different method. They actually started with a lot of second/ third party deals. Games like Dead Rising 3, Titanfall and sunset overdrive, games which like most of the sony line-up is good, not amazing (with the exception of TF which has amazing moments), but good.
Then microsoft have had their own slip-ups with ryse and kinect sports rivals and halo mcc: multiplayer (which like drive club has improved and makes for a much better product). Their actual first party line-up and support regarding forza, killer instinct and halo have been the stand-outs for the console. Seems to be carrying over with gears. This is become more apparent lately through microsoft game shows where they seem to be doubling down on first party stuff like nintendo and sony, which is great. we'll see Quantum Break, crackdown, gears 4 and scalebound, sea of thieves, which all look fantastic.

But yeah, two different strategies. Both very good line-ups with a few slip-ups and a few triumphs. Next year looks amazing for both consoles. They are more alike than you think in terms of quality. Just their strategies in what deals they make and what genres they work in and the type of experiences they're going for will cater to different tastes and preferences.

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StrayaKNT1221d ago ShowReplies(20)
Sureshot1221d ago

This douche clearly hasn't been paying any attention to phenomenal line up of games coming through [email protected] Cuphead anyone? How about Summer (or Winter down here in Oz) of Arcade? I guessing this guy doesn't know how to navigate the UI because you don't have to look hard to find something 'new and interesting on the xbox.

"The free games given away each month on Xbox One are often poor and lacking in numbers compared to the myriad of titles given away every month to PlayStation Plus customers"

Umm what? Every game for gold released from now on will be backwards compatible that's effectively 4-5 games playable on the X1 every month.

"Xbox Live Gold customers recieved Tomb Raider. Yes, the value of the latter game is more but anyone who wanted to play that game has likely already done so."

Well I didn't play it and thanks to the free GWG offering Square Enix has a day one buyer in me for ROTTR.

This is an entire article based on subjective views and personal preferences. Don't pass this tripe off as fact, fool.

d_g1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

there is no Problem With Xbox One Exclusive

there is Great Exclusive titles like Halo,Forza,Gears of War,Crackdown,Halo Wars,Fable,Killer Instinct.

and there is new ips from good Developers like Quantum Break,Scalebound,Sea of Thieves,Sunset Overdrive,recore,Phantom dust,Cuphead.

sigh....another article makes Xbox one Exclusive look bad

Go play The Exclusive Games Instead of making this clickbait article.

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PhucSeeker1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Look on the positive side, mate. These articles make Xbone look bad => people chooses Ps4 over Xbone => Xbone loses more sales => M$ try harder to push out more awesome games.

pandehz1221d ago

Nothing to see here.


spicelicka1220d ago

Yea I'm more happy with the Xbox exclusives right now than I would be with any other console, so clearly they're doing something RIGHT.