Online Petitions, an Embarrassing Way to Change Nothing

Thomcult: The online petition is a curious example of consumer activism. Invariably, consumers express their satisfaction (or lack thereof) through their choice to purchase. Firms are, generally speaking, able to ascertain whether their offering has at least appeared to satisfy the desires and demands of consumers by whether they have purchased it. If a company makes a bad game, or markets it badly, the expectations of consumers won't be met, they won't feel satisfied and as such it will fail in the marketplace.

When consumers go out of their way to express dissatisfaction with a product (at any point in its life cycle), when they do it en masse and in a medium of their own design it says something profound about their desire. By petitioning for changes in Diablo III's art direction these gamers are saying that they wish they did want Diablo, and are showing Blizzard that it's not beyond their remit to make them, yet at this point in time they do not. Of course, there is no talk of a mass boycott however the message this petition sends out is that the product Blizzard have currently shown is not the one they were expecting, nor the one they want.

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Captain Tuttle4320d ago

Online petitions never work. They're actually pretty comical. You want your voice to be heard? Don't buy the product.

Idonthatejustcreate4320d ago

Wish that they aimed the petition at Square Enix instead telling them that releasing the PS3 version of FFXIII only in japan is rediculus and more than that plain stupid. They have alot of loyal PS3 owning fans waiting in Europe and America for the game and they have to wait for the Xbox360 version to be finished off before they can get it.

If something needs changing it's this.

Daxx4320d ago

That petition is just as stupid as the Diablo 3 one.

This isn't the first time Square has hopped to another system. But don't worry most 360 owners won't even buy FFXIII. Besides, what's wrong with Square trying to get some more revenue from a different type of consumer. It's business 101. More customers = more profits.

Anyways, Diablo 3 looks superb. Whoever started this whole "Diablo should not be this colorful" BS should of just kept their figurative mouths shut.

Leathersoup4320d ago

I doubt that 360 owners "won't" buy Final Fantasy XIII. I'm pretty sure that Square Enix has been doing quite a bit of research into the subject. Companies do their best to ensure that they'll make money out of any situation. They've already released Lost Odyssey on the Xbox and I'm sure they used the sales data from that to determine whether or not to release Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox as well.

Polluted4320d ago

I'm so glad this got approved. I only wish more people were reading it.

Gaming petitions are soooo stupid. People would honestly have more luck just writing a friendly e-mail to devs if they have a concern.