Death to Sony? It's every fanboy for himself!


"It wasn't long before my wife and I went to the store to buy a PlayStation 3 that I was mocking the system, even just to tease my brothers who picked up the system near launch."

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Saint Sony4391d ago

Not the machine you play them with.

...but of course some consoles may offer more to your liking. You decide. Not fanboys.

La Chance4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

the loyalty people have to a brand.I just go where the games are, you play the games not the brand.
Last gen I was a PS2 fan.I didnt care about the xbox and gamecubes extra "power".All I cared about was the games not the console itself or the brand.

I dont understand people who buy consoles directly at launch too.No matter which console it is : how can you have so much confidance that its going to deliver ???.Ive never bought a console at launch.Always waited a year or two before choosing a console.I mean how can you guys know that the console will live up to th expectations ?That way I kept myself from doing a mistake and buying the Gamecube or xbox (though ended up buying them later on 2nd hand).

Right now Im a 360 fan but wont be buying the 720 at launch just because its made by MSFT.It has to deliver.IF the 360 all of a sudden went the way of the gcube I would have to get a PS3.I wont force myself to stick with the 360.When FF went multiplat I saw a whole lot of blogs etc pop up about people who were swearing to never buy a 360 even if lets say the PS3 ended up like the dreamcast.

It just baffles me...

Bangladesh4391d ago

When you have been console gaming as long as I have, branding is irrelevant. If a console has some games that you want to play, go buy it. I am weak when I crave a particular game, I have to buy/play it. Screw anyone that doesn't like me for what games I like or want. I don't play games to make them happy.

Montrealien4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

I agree, fanboys have completely lost touch with what gaming is all about imho.

I have loved video games since I got a Vic 20 when I was 5. I have had the debates in the school yard as to which console was better in the 8bit and 16 bit days but at the end of the day if I could afford it, I would have bought them all. What has been going on in forums and comments sections in the last 10 years is just crazy, there are great games on all consoles. If you feel rage inside of you because of a certain console of company, I would think there is something wrong.

like you said , it is about the games, and you can prefer a particular console, or choose one to suit your needs. But if you hate, a little video game fairie dies every time you do, and soon there won't be anymore...


*runs away arms waving with a tear drop in his eye*

green4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Agreed.It's really baffling when i log on to N4G and i read comments from fanboys saying things like "i will never buy a microsoft console or sony or nintendo console".Why?are you not a gamer?are you not buying a console to play games?

At the moment i only own a 360 because it suits my gaming needs.Does that mean i hate the PS3 or Sony?absolutely not.

I have owned 2 Sony consoles - PS and PS2
2 Sega consoles - sega mega drive and dreamcast
2 nintendo consoles - n64 and SNES
and 2 microsoft consoles - xbox and 360.

I go where the games are, and if today the PS3 line up starts to eclipse the line up of the 360, then i will be adding a PS3 into my leaving room space, and maybe give my 360 to my cousin in Africa(it's hard for me to maintain 2 consoles at the moment).Or if i can i will keep both.

@lachance: I have bought a lot of consoles at launch just because of games.My PS purchase was down to just seeing a TV spot for Battle Arena Toshinden.Dreamcast was Blue Stinger and Power Stone.Xbox was Project Gotham racing and 360 was PGR3(80,000 polygons per car said the previews, how could i resist).

Some people just can't wait to get their hands on a game no matter how rubbish the console might end up.At the point they read a preview or see it in action on a next gen hardware, they just can't help themselves.

It's all about the games.

La Chance4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

I see what you mean.
Im the patient kind of guy so I dont mind waiting ,most of the time I dont even buy games at launch.Usually a month or even 2 after the release.

I would have been a perfect Sony fanboy....I JOKE I JOKE , I KID I KID ! :)

Bangladesh4391d ago

I agree. I think that most hardcore fanboys are likely teenagers or have only been gaming since the ps2 era. Either way, I find their logic unbelievably ridiculious at times. Especially the Sony fanboys on this site, they are an embarassment to regular ps3 owners like myself. I find myself defending the 360 most of the time, because the rabid idiocy of some of these folks is just flat wrong.

green4391d ago

After reading the comments that came from some Sony fanboys yesterday regarding this article
I really don't blame you at all.

Are fanboys not supposed to be like sales men for their respective console of choice?Instead they are making true Sony gamers embarrassed to be associated with them and turning people away from purchasing a PS3 by making such disrespectful and idiotic comments.

tweaker4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Owning every console is the way to go. I prefer the PS3 but it will never completely fulfill my gaming needs. I mean, how can you pass up the Mario games and the exclusive games from the 360 like Gears of War 2? I know I can't, which is why I dished out the money to buy all the systems.

Bangladesh4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Yeah, that is just sick for someone to troll such a story. Kind of reminds me of the pricks who raided the online funeral of a WoW gamer who had died in real life, only somewhat worse.

But I have to say that I was impressed by the number of people (Sony, MS, and Ninty) that set aside their differences and came together as fellow gamers in sight of such a tragic event.

edit- I'm watching the disagrees rack up on my earlier comment. Which is actually helping prove my point. lol

hay4391d ago

The Saint has spoken ; p
I started with Amiga 500(some of you probably don't know what it is now), went through Nintendo(nes, weee!), Sega, PC in meantime, Sony, Sega, Nintendo and Sony again and now I'm with PS3/PSP.
Why? Games. Later of course. I really didn't really had that much idea during first years to select among available platforms, but since PSX, yeah, games.

Bubbles up mate.

insomnium4391d ago

You are talking trash!
It's not all about the games. There are other things connected.

I don't go to church because everyone else in my family does. I'm an atheist because I don't believe in faith and gods. Why should I pay for something I don't believe in?

I don't support xbox360 because of all the FUD their headhonchos spread about the ps3 (and believe me this is only about 1/3 of the reasons I don't support it). In general MS is just greedy. They are the first ones to collect on everything they can. I don't want to support greed.

I don't eat meat because I don't want to support massproduction/slaughtering and exploitation of living creatures no matter how good the meat itself might taste.

To me to say it's all about games is taking the easy way out. That's a watered down answer and it tries to take things to such levels that you don't have to take responsibility for anything. I don't like it and I say you talk trash because of it.

There's more in life than concrete.

supahbad4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

1.11-no one cares
1.9-you only have one disagree get over it

i stick with the ps3 because it does have games and the better line up for me, i only bought it last november right when uncharted came up. you guys are just as bad of fanboys screaming the ps3 has no games coming up, thats just silly. i'm not going to waste 600-700 dollars to play GeoW2. that's just not reasonable, i do other things. so i stuck with the ps3 because it came with WiFi, a hdd, and free online. that and the games are the reason i bought a ps3 so don't say only gamers go where the games are at cause i could've upgraded my PC to play all the games on the 360, and that is not true for the ps3.

Kratos Spartan4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

no one cares about your opinions

Montrealien4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

It is about the games, get over it. You prefer a console? here`s a cookie..

*hands over cookie*

Time_Is_On_My_Side4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

I agree with everything else but buying a console at launch comment it's like watching a movie as soon as it comes out. Some people wait for movie reviews to watch movies while other watch it the first day it comes out. It has nothing to do with loyalty but preference/life style yet some cases it might be. Some people will simply watch a movie based on the director or won't watch a movie based on the director.

There is nothing wrong with buying something the first day it comes out. The only real reason for someone to hold back would be prices not so much loyalty. Because I buy a 2008 vehicle in 2008 and you buy a 2008 vehicle in 2009/2010 doesn't mean I have loyalty, I just have money to spend, lol.

Sitdown4391d ago

I agree. People go see movies on open night.......with expectations based on why not be able to do it with consoles. I tend to like to get things when they first come out......if I wait too long, it loses interest to me. If I liked Halo 1..and know that Halo 2 is coming out...why not go ahead and invest in the console if I want to play it? We know that for the most part the next generation is going to be better than the we are not completing going out on a limb....but simply being apart of the first to extend our hobby.

BattleAxe4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

I have brand loyalty towards Sony, and heres why:

- I used to love playing on the PS1 with my friends. Had great games like Tony Hawk, Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter, Grand Theft Auto ect.

- The PS2 was great, and continued to have great games like SOCOM, Metal Gear Solid 2+3, God of War ect.

- most of my friends and I seemed to stick with Sony just because we knew what to expect from them, and because we liked the games that the PS2 had that were exclusive at the time( Grand Theft Auto, SOCOM, Metal Gear Solid ). Also we really liked the Sony dual shock controllers. Some of my friends had a few issues with their PS1s, but non had issues with their PS2s and either did I.

- When the XBOX 360 came out I was considering it because it was the first next gen system. I was so busy playing Socom all the time that I thought I would wait to see what the PS3 would be like. When the XBOX 360 came out there had been all kinds of reports of discs melting and I can't remember If the RRoD had started right after launch, but the faulty hardware turned me off.

I waited until the February after the November launch of the PS3 just to see if it would have the same kinds of problems the 360 had, but all seemed to be good. I then compared the Hardware of the 2 systems, and for me it was a no brainer to buy a PS3 with all of the bells and whistles. It just has better quality and more technology behind it.(Blu-Ray, BlueTooth, web browser ect.)

I still have that same PS3 and last September I bought a 2nd PS3 (both are 60gig) for my livingroom. The first one I bought is in my office. The lack of games was a tough thing to get through, but I just continued to play Socom (backwards compatability) and now there are all kinds of games out.

SOCOM and Metal Gear Solid were huge deciding factors towards buying a PS3 and of course I'd still get to play all of the other great multi-plat games like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Call of Duty, Tiger Woods PGA Tour ect. I didn't care about Final Fantasy or any other RPG since I'm not into those games, so those were not deciding factors.

With the XBOX 360, HALO didn't interest me at all, and I had never really heard of and XBOX title that really grabbed my attention except for when Gears of War came out, but I was not about to buy a 360 just for that. Forza looked pretty good too. I do play the 360 once in a while over at a friends place where I have played some HALO 2, HALO 3, Gears of War (although I havn't played enough of that game), RSV, RSV2, GRAW2 and Rock Band. This friend and another person I know who own 360s, both have had to send theirs in due to RRoD. For one of them it took 3 weeks to get It back and the other took 2 1/2 months.

Now there are so many great games comming out for the PS3 that there is no question that in my mind I made the best decision. Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Socom: Confrontation, MAG, God of War 3, Infamous, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift.

So thats why I prefer Sony over Microsoft. Just alot of years playing on Playstation, the games and the hardware. XBOX 360 didn't have enough to sway me. So its not that I hate the XBOX 360, its just that I like the quality, free online play and various other things that Sony offers that Microsoft does not.

dantesparda4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

How you got La Chance, Bangledash, The Montrealian and Green all acting like they aint fanboys, when they are all pro-360 fanboys, give it a rest guys, you aint fooling anyone.

But yeah, brand loyalty to anything is just plain stupid. I will buy whatever has what I want. I've had a 360 since launch on Nov 22, 05, and i've owned a PS3 since Nov of 07. And both are about the same to me. Although i do acknowledge that the 360 is overall the better system technically, but I think Sony got the better games coming in my opinion. But i still the PS3 is just graphically good as the 360. And i wanna get a Wii too, but am just waiting for it to go down in price (cuz i want me some Zelda, and Metroid, and Galaxy, and Smash, and Paper Mario, etc). And I know the Wii dont got 360/PS3 graphics, but guess what? I still think they look good. And i also do not sweat games that are supposed to be all that, like Halo and GTA and the rest of the over-hyped games. I dont listen to reviewers either, i judge things for myself, and do not need anyone or anything telling me what is good. Im more than capable of doing that myself.

People stop letting this side talking crap take over your minds and just learn to enjoy the systems for what they are worth. The PS3 is not as disgusting as 360 fanboys think it is, and the 360 is not as big a piece of sh!t as Sony fanboys think it is. And believe it or not, having both companies compete, is really, really good for us and benefitting us. I like having both systems. And both systems are both good and bad. Now get over your fvcking loyalty to a fvcking video game system. And learn to just enjoy the sh!t. Especially you older men!

@Montrealian, why? cuz the truth hurts? You are pro-360, are you not? Well if I've offended you, then I apologize. But what's me "fail" mean? That my post gets an "F"? the internet cracks me up with its weak a$$ lingo.

@ La Chance, ok, you got me, if you say you aint biased i believe you..., NOT! LOL!

Montrealien4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

I totally agree with you Battleaxe and very well said.

I was at a cross road also to see which one might be better but I was able to permit myself to actually buy both because I saw great games coming out on both, so I just did. I have owned every Playstation to date and the PS3 60gb was the best playstation purchase I aver made.

I just can`t be loyale to one console brand because I always see a game I like on another system, my loyalty will always be for games, that is my choice, and I totally respect your choice. It is all about perspective.

+bubbles mate, always nice to see a great explanation like that, minus the Hate that can be pretty crazy here.

edit: I`m actually offended Dante, you fail

La Chance4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

heres' a quote from my post 1.1 "Right now Im a 360 fan".Nobody trying to fool you but yourself.

r2kcipher4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

battleaxe that's pretty much what happened to me too.

i saved my money for a ps3 knowing that it would have the games that i have always liked. most of those games have not come out yet. but i am only 17 and theres more to my life then gaming. but i do consider myself a gamer. and i dont need to own every system to be one. not all of us have the money. every smart buyer has brand loyalty. and sony is the Toyota of gaming. playstation brand = camery. i cant say they are perfect. my launch ps2 died and i had to buy a slim. but when it comes to gaming no one does it better than sony. and once someone does i will support them.

and if i had the money i would buy the other systems. now that the 360 is more reliable. and i want to try twilight princess for the wii.

mfwahwah4390d ago (Edited 4390d ago )

FACT: God hates console fanboys.

Edit: looks like I can't attach images for reason >.<


Kaneda4390d ago

Well, you should thanks people bought the system at launch. That is how 3rd parties decide if they are supporting the system or not. If people that waited like you. 3rd parties will not invest money in to making games for the system. I don't understand why you wait. You look at the offering of the console and decide which to buy. :)

Stagerman4390d ago

the reason people disagree with you is because of your statement "I find myself defending the 360 most of the time, because the rabid idiocy of some of these folks is just flat wrong."

The door swings both ways.

MRMagoo1234390d ago

Ive read all the comments in this thread here and it seems pretty obvious that some ppl are hiding behind niceties when you can tell they are fanboys themselves.Ive been gaming since 1984 if i remember correctly ,so i have been gaming a while now but still i have brand loyalty to specific companies such as nintendo,sega and sony for a few reasons but the main 2 are well made hardware and good games to play.What i dont get is people who have brand loyalty to ms xbox they have made 2 consoles in there life span and both did everyone wrong but still there are ppl who would kill there own mothers to defend it.If fanboys prevent you from buying a console then POG or firstknight would of been the downfall of the xbox to you.Then theres the people who say i got the xbox because the ps3 has no games i wanna play ,the funny thing is there arent any games on the xbox that arent on the ps3 or have games similar so whats the point in saying that.Also the comment about noone buying launch consoles thats just plain silly if it wasnt for ppl like me and the rest that buy consoles at launch things would probably be alot different i have bought every system at launch except for xbox and its not because im a fanboy because i bought the wii,psp,ps2,ps,snes,nes,megadr ive,master system,gamegear,gameboy (all of the different ones),DS,N64 and the gamecube all at launch because i like games but i what i dont like is microsoft and how they exploit ppl making everything they do half arsed and shoddy i cant make myself buy a console from them because if i do im supporting there wrong doings and saying its all right to do this to us.Ill always be a sony fan but not a fanboy bacause they have given me the best years of gaming i have ever had from any company, playing finalfantasy 7 was a highlight thats for sure then the first tony hawks games and metal gear solid.Ive found with sony i cant ask for or want anything more because they have it all.

The Lazy One4390d ago

Aside from sony not replacing DRE-ed PS2s originally, I have no problem with sony. I have a problem with sony fans.

Their rabid, often logicless, defense of their lord and master has caused me to gain an increasing hatred of anything relating to them.

Congratulations to all of you for forever tainting the company you love so dearly for a large portion of gamers.

mistertwoturbo4390d ago

Yes the games matter. But you know what? Other features matter too IMO. Why else would Xbox360 owners rave about Xbox Live if they could just get a PS3 and play for free? Well because Xbox360 owners just love the features, don't mind paying for it, and is the sole reason they choose xbox over playstation.

While others will buy a PS3 for it's blu-ray capabilities and other media functions.

So you see, it's not JUST the games. The games are 75% important in console buying decision making, but other features as well.

And this stuff cant be generalized too much also. Some gamers will buy a system ONLY for the games. And some will buy it for both. And some might just buy it for hardware features alone.

poopface14390d ago

its easy to tell who has always only owned one brand of console. When they get upset cause someone has a negative opinion on their company(if its relevant) then they are a fanboy. When they constantly talk about how x console or x company is evil, when they dont even have the product, they are a fanboy. When every mediocre game on their system is teh greatest, and games taht are proven to be great are crap to them, they are fanboys.

Most here think im an 360 fanboy, that's cause they are Sony fanboys(or nintendo, but they wont admit this likely). I talk about the 360 cause its what I have. What do these little kids think their opinion means to real gamers?

As far back as I can remember Ive been playing games. I owned (not including handhelds like GG yeah) a PC, nes, SNES, N64, PS1, DC, Ps2, xbox, and 360 in that order. I once only knew what nintendo was, then sony was the best, now I dont care, just prefer the 360 right now. The people that don't understand this are fanboys.

The reason I dont like the ps3 now is because it should easily have WAY more games than it has, but that wasnt sonys focus and it shows.

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Viktor E4391d ago

Dominate the Television Industry=Check

Dominate the Cell Phone Industry=Check

Dominate the Movie Industry=Check

Dominate the Video Game Industry=Now in Progress

Shane Kim4391d ago

"Dominate the Video Game Industry=Now in Progress"
In Progress? Sir with all due respect, Sony completely dominates the video game industry even if the PS3 so happens to be in third palce.

syanara4391d ago

I don't like sony's cell phones but who cares lol I love their gaming platforms and tvs

4391d ago
SSCOOLCHEA4390d ago (Edited 4390d ago )

can't afford it .

TV - 40 w series

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Deviant4391d ago

i bet u didnt even read the article ..btw nice ending xD

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4391d ago

'Come on now, let’s not be fanboys. We can all get along'

Er NOPE!!! ;-D

Why would i want to 'get alone' with someone who Sl*gs off the PS3+SONY 24/7 for???
No reason to???
Did SONY Kill your whole Family??? ;-D Sounds like it!!!

Death to Micro$oft sounds better!!! ;-D

Viktor E4391d ago

They are currently being pursued by the Chinese Government,within no time their Market Worth will sink to where Enron is

Atomic4391d ago

what a poorly written article , the writing style is reminiscent of a middle schooler.