PS4 beats out Xbox One and Oculus for T3 gaming gadget award

For the second year in a row, PlayStation 4 has snagged the T3 Awards' Gaming Product of the Year. The massive consumer-voted award ceremony (kind of like a techie version of our very own Golden Joystick Awards, if you're not familiar) gave the honors to PS4 over rivals like Xbox One, the Razer Blade laptop, and Oculus Rift.

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PhoenixUp2575d ago

Seeing how this was consumer voted I'm not surprised.

Either way congrats Sony

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SmokingMonkey2575d ago

"Here I come! Ora ora! What the problem? Don't underestimate me! I'm awesome. Yahooo! Piece of cake.
(行くぞオラァ! オラオラァ! どうしたどうした! ナメんじゃねぇぞ! トロ過ぎだぜぇ、ィイヤッホウ! チョー余裕っす。
Ikuzo oraa! Oraoraa! Dou shita-doushita! Namen janee zo! Toro-sugida zee, iiyahhou! Chou yoyuussu.?)"

BG115792575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Don't use Dan for this comparison.
It's insulting for Dan! ^^

3-4-52575d ago

Say what you want about Dan, but I was always good with him even if his move set wasn't the best.

Still a fun character to use.

PistolsAtDawn2575d ago

Wow, so in an arena where only PS4 shows wins...crazy.

BitbyDeath2575d ago

That describes this gen in a nutshell.

2pacalypsenow2575d ago

Yeah because xbox wasn't even nominated and the Ps4 was

the_dark_one2575d ago

ya well in a football match if only one team shows up it automatically wins

PudgeyBurrito2575d ago


The problem with your analogy is it pits football together. This is tech gadgets which would be sports in general. So it would be the best teams in sports or in this case the best gadgets in technologies that are voted upon. If the xbox was an nfl team it clearly wasn't good enough to be voted as one of the best sports team. It just doesn't compete with PS4 this gen.

The_BlackHeart__2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

The category that the PS4 won was "Gaming Product of the Year". The XB1 wasn't nominated.

Its pretty much a PS4 vs PS2 race now.

Edit: The media benefits from the "consoles war", the title of this article is a prove.

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Onig2575d ago

(Playstation has clearly been taking the easy street this entire generation).

thanks to microsoft faults this generation, if microsoft would have done things better at the beginning of this generation things would be very different right now.

BlackTar1872575d ago

ho w much different? PS is a huge global name. The only difference would be more sales in US and UK but PS4 would still be leading by a good margin due to the world.

S2Killinit2575d ago

I personally disagree. I feel people put too much attention on xbones blunders and not enough on Playstations strengths. People like myself bought Playstations not because xbox is bad, but because Playstation is good. Sony's policy to follow through to the very end of, and even beyond the onset of a new generation, with support for core gaming, is the reason i see an investment in their consoles as a wise choice. Sony doesnt swtch focus in the second half of each generation to casuals and applications. Games variety is the focus from beginning to end (and like i said eveb after) of each generation. This is not a bash on xbox, its a praising of the great job that Sony REALLY does on their consoles.

the_dark_one2575d ago

oh really, then tell me, how did ps3 managed to catch up and overtake xbox 360 globally despised launching with a price tag of over 200 dollars, a much harder system to develop for and a year and a half later? well i think PS globally is a more popular console especially in europe

TheDrunkenJester2575d ago

So you support a company obviously taking the easy street just because the competition stumbled? That's just stupid.

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XanderZane2575d ago

Yes, once I saw this was consumer voted it was pretty easy to see why they got the win. I guess the IPhone 5 wasn't on the ballet. /s In any case Congrats to Sony and thanks for a wonderful TGS. I'm excited about the new IP's coming to the PS4.

lastking952575d ago

So are you denying the nany articles and people saying xbox one has a greater games lineup? Agree, disagree, true or untrue it's a common phrase as of late.

Funny how ps4 beats xbox in sales suddenly it's better in all areas ignoring, xbox's better game lineup phrase, better media entertainment, better features, better online, better build quality phrases. People like you are the ones looking like idiots not me. Enjoy tear away

Piffgaming2575d ago

Gee what a surprise.

In xbox defense though I did see it get rated as the best DVR cable box. I believe it was a GQ or Maxim magazine last year.

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Watari3212575d ago

I voted for the all in one box. The one that can change lives, the one in the center of your living room, the one with the greatest games line up in history. Xbox One.

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DarkOcelet2575d ago

Seriously you should get a funny bub for that comment XD.

Bathyj2575d ago

Did you really just say that?
3 Forzas in 2 years.
Halo last year, Halo this year.
Gears this year, Gears next year.
Nothing at all in between for the first 9 months of this year apart from Ori.

For the record Im not knocking the quality of any of those game. Just seems rich coming from you to complain about milking given Microsofts history of rinsing repeating their staple games, and never giving credit for any of the great games Ive played on PS4 since launch. A yes, all Multiplats are better on PS4, since you brought it up.

zeuanimals2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

To be fair, the Halo and Gears games you're listing include remakes (one set of which was severely broken, but still). This year, we have the Uncharted collection and next year we have Uncharted 4. We're also getting Gravity Rush Remastered as well as Gravity Rush 2 next year, not complaining at all since I can't wait for both.

Overall, Sony does give their studios a lot of creative freedom. We don't exactly know what happened with The Coalition's stealth game and whether or not they chose to drop it in favor of Gears 4 or if it was forced on them, but that's what happened. Bungie was also stuck making Halo until they had to buy their way out and now 343 was made specifically to make Halo games.

Meanwhile, Sony let Naughty Dog make a new IP on the heels of the studio's best selling game ever. They let Sony Japan go crazy with a bunch of wacky IPs like Puppeteer, Gravity Rush, Freedom Wars, etc. They allowed Sony Santa Monica to use a huge amount of cash to make a new, very ambitious IP which didn't pan out but they still were willing to take the risk. The SCE Santa Monica game also started development around the time God of War 3 released meaning they let another one of their big studios attempt to create a new IP right off of the heels of the biggest selling game in the franchise. I could go on, but I'm pretty sure you guys get my point.

Sony gives their devs the freedom that I wish MS would give their devs since they have some really talented people working for them. It won't always work out, but if it does, it could be huge and really reinvigorate our admiration for the studios (just look at The Last of Us).

Captain_TomAN942575d ago

You mean the one that does most media stuff (And in fact almost everything) worse than its competition?

Greatest games line-up? It's an objective fact that Playstation has more games, and they are rated higher on average.

Ginox2575d ago

You mean the one that does most media stuff (And in fact almost everything) worse than its competition?

Until november until november

BG115792575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

@Ginox, Bmoodborne's DLC comes out in November...
Your statement has been refused.

GNCFLYER2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )


I see all the disagrees but watari was joking, had to be guys.

zeuanimals2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

Seriously people, a joke's a joke. Learn to see that it is, then learn to take it like a man or forever be achin' like a Stan.

VsAssassin2575d ago

And what did MS tease to release sometime in December 2016 near the end of their Gamescom conference? Yes, Halo Wars 2. I know it's a different game, but it's still Halo. And I'm guessing Forza Horizons 3 will also release in 2016. Ehh...

XanderZane2575d ago

And Encore, Sea of Thieves, Below, Inside, Scalebound, GoW4, CupHead, Quantum Break and a slew of other titles that are not Forza or Halo.

MysticStrummer2575d ago

You just summed up XB1's problem. Media Hub vs Gaming Console. Guess which one more gamers want…

"the one with the greatest games line up in history."

In the history of your opinion.

reaperofsouls2575d ago

@ strayaKNT

" milked franchies" Honestly!

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Aloy-Boyfriend2575d ago

The PS4 is one capable and good-looking gaming machine.

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Magicite2575d ago

nobody even talks about wiiU

Soap_Z2575d ago Show
Cohagen4202575d ago

Who even cares about Xbox, like really lol.

Xavior_Reigns2575d ago

Those who claim to be great US patriots, while stalking PS4 gamers at Best Buy and Gamestop.

jb2272575d ago

I was thinking about that the other day. I would absolutely love to support American made products but I've typically always had poor experiences with them. They were once built to last & now they are manufactured obsolescence. On the other hand I've never had a single issue with my Sony Bravia, any of the 4 Playstation consoles, a Mitsubishi Galant that never saw the inside of an auto shop & a Takamine guitar that still has perfect tone after nearly 2 decades of use and only one truss rod adjustment. Meanwhile every Chevy, Fender or Xbox I've ever used eventually experience some kind of issue or fail entirely. I'm sure people have different experiences but these are my honest experiences with the products I've used & owned. Really wish American companies would go back to the days of solidly built products meant to last a lifetime. Hopefully Microsoft learned their lessons after last gens rrod fiasco & the XBO continues to function well for all of the people who game on them, these purchases deserve long lifespans.

Magicite2575d ago

some people to the west of mainland Europe...I guess?