TGS on pre-owned games

Why shouldn't people have the option to buy and trade in old games? Why are people complaining about this? The way they should look at it is, if people are not buying their games new and instead waiting a few years to get it cheap on the pre-owned rack, then they should take this as a hint.

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Closing4315d ago

It's just like any other item you buy. Once you pay for the item it's yours, and you can do whatever you want with it. If they blocked the option of resale all it would do is make people a lot more conservative on what games they actually buy because games aren't cheap for the average person. Here's a hint, try making a game that people will actually want to play again, and again again such as co-op, multiplayer matches, dlc, or just a quality classic game.

Mr_cheese4315d ago

I totally agree with you. Everybody should have the option to do what they like with their games.

SL1M DADDY4315d ago

I can see GameFly gaining some huge subscription numbers. I for one rent and buy only the games I absolutely love. I figure it this way, trade in concepts make for great prices on trash games. People that pay 60 bucks for crap games then trade them in for 25 bucks or so, if they are lucky I feel get ripped too many times. I rent to save myself from that ripping.

thebudgetgamer4314d ago (Edited 4314d ago )

sometimes i cant or don't want to spend 60 bucks on a game i'm not shure of and besides being a poor college student sometimes i have to go to the budget bin

side note you'd be surprised at the good games you can find on the cheap i've never played halo before so i went looking and found the original for 3 bucks i know its an old one but still an awesome game for 3 bucks cant complain about that because i am well you get it

Brixxer6004315d ago

Of course you should be allowed to trade games, if i couldn't trade then i'd have played a lot less games than i have.

That's the main problem with the "No physical Media Crew", if your games are all downloaded to HDD then you have nothing to trade in, forcing you to pay full price for any game that you want.

name4315d ago

At this point it'd be simply idiotic to buy used versions of games that have been recently released. Gamestop sells them for 5 dollars less than the new version. And the times where the used version is a good chunk cheaper, it's usually the time where game sales have went down dramatically at the time anyway.

apoc6154315d ago

Pre-Owned games would be great if the companys(gamestop,replays,etc) didnt rip off the consumers when buying our used games....

Brixxer6004315d ago

I never go to any of the "Big Guns", always use the same independent store, they give a far better deal and better service.

FantasyStar4315d ago

I go to a local store that's privately owned. We get along much better and understand each other better. None of that "business" crap or "Pre-order" Non-sense you get from every GS-Employee. I don't blame the Employee though cause they're only doing their job, unfortunately.

enjoi1874315d ago

last time i checked who ever doesnt want to buy a cheaper game is a idiot.......trades in values kinda gamestop....but blockbuster is good with that.

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