Cayde-6 is Destiny The Taken King’s MVP

Of all the characters in Destiny: The Taken King, Cayde-6 ends up being the most memorable.

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idsanty1125d ago

Everything Nathan Fillion touches turns to gold.

GigawattConduit1125d ago

Is there anything Fillion has been in where he was bad? Like, even in the bad stuff, he's still good in them.

JWiLL5521125d ago

Of course Fillion is MVP.

Also, Nolan North's Ghost is awesome in the new content.

GigawattConduit1125d ago

His lines are golden. I honestly wouldn't mind if there was a Destiny prequel where you played as the three Vanguards, because Cayde would just be a delight to play or hear.

rdgneoz31125d ago

Yes and no. Fillon kicks @$$ as Cayde-6. Northbot is OK, Dinklebot beats it at some areas. Play some of the old content to see the difference - Northbot's "You've summoned the hive" sounds more like a question than "oh crap".

GigawattConduit1125d ago

Northtron sounds like that annoyingly peppy person you work with, and it's honestly a bit distracting at times. Other moments are fine, but usually he sounds kinda "eh" and I'm not 100% certain the change was the right one.

rdgneoz31125d ago


Yah. They said it was because of availability or something, but it's like they did most of his lines in 1 take. If you want a great robot voice from him, just look at the personality cubes (and defective turrets) from Portal 2. That's him yelling "SPPPAAAACCCCEEEEE!!" ;

GigawattConduit1125d ago

For me, my high bar for robots is David Kaye from Ratchet and Clank. Clank generally has a mute time, but the inflections give emotion and weight to the performance. Plus, Clank is just too cool to not like.

JWiLL5521124d ago

Who cares about the old content though? That was all bad material, nobody could have saved it.

He sounds great in the new stuff.

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Halo2ODST21124d ago

Nolan North sounds terrible in Destiny, he sounds as if his voice hasn't even broken yet & a gimp at certain points