Three new MotorStorm Pacific Rift gameplay videos

We like MotorStorm and if sales are anything to go by, so do 3 million of you. So to celebrate that fact we've recorded some new footage straight from this year's E3 demo.

The demo is based around Cascade Falls, one of the 16 new tracks being bundled onto the MS2 disc, and a beautiful one at that. Check out the new water cooling feature in action as we plough through a glorious rainbow-ridden waterfall in a Monster Truck, Racing Truck and Dirt Bike.

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MaximusPrime4321d ago

looks really really impressive.

i love water effect. I ll probably get this game.

loved the first one.

felidae4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

a video of someone who never played Motorstorm before .. let alone videogames in general.

game looks nice btw

kraven4321d ago

dude, they're a games mag. i think they might have played games before.

xtreampro4321d ago

this games graphics will look amazing once the development has finished, i say that cus 2 months back when it was shown at sony's gamers day, it looked very bland, DRY, and the graphics weren't that good apart from the lighting, but then 2 months later this game looks amazing and even better then MotorStorm 1, and they did that in 2 months, thats the power of hard working developers and the CELL unlike 'lazy, sleeping on the job' developers such as Queer the BUTT face (thats QueerB)

FantasyStar4321d ago

Most games that are shown on the game-floor, or to journalist tend to look and play just like that. If not better. However I've never seen a game this gen that took leaps and bounds from what's shown. The only game I can think of that did such a thing is Time Shift. So declock the hype meter and run it on stock cause I'm betting that WYSIWYG.

cahill4321d ago

M2 is already looking as the best looking offroad racer and ofcourse the final build will be even more impressive

i guess u havent been following the development cycle of Motorstorm 1. Also this game will sell like gangbusters

killcycle4321d ago

This game looks amazing..

i've always hated off-road racing games and motorstorm really took me by suprise.