Mad Max Accolades Trailer Quotes 10/10 Score, Glowing Praise from Random Fans

While normally accolade trailers for undeniably mediocre games simply cherry pick quotes from media outlets, WB took things one step further by quoting random internet users.

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-Foxtrot1542d ago

Comes off a little desperate

Forbidden_Darkness1542d ago

Or maybe consider the fact that overall gamers have in fact been enjoying the game more than critics, so it makes sense from that perspective. I've always found regulars gamers opinions on games more helpful than critics by far.

-Foxtrot1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

So that automatically justifies it...

1542d ago
morganfell1542d ago

I platinumed it before I started MGS V. It is a wrongly overshadowed game. It is a brutal title that folds very well into the canon of Mad Max.

So yeah, the video is justified because plenty of people like the game. A trailer showing accolades from fans means a hell of a lot more than a trailer of scores from self important, agenda driven, hit seeking sites.

Have you ever gone to youtube looking for a movie trailer or some such new video and instead of the trailer you are tricked into watching a video of some societal reject or moron with a disproportionate estimation of the quality of his own jokes staring into the camera telling you what they think about the trailer you really wanted to see? Ever experienced that? Aggravating right? Well that is what these so called game sites have become, from IGN on down. Over inflated blowhard know-it-alls who feel their opinion is more important than the title which said opinion concerns.

So again, yeah, fans that love gaming over me me me everybody look at me gaffs.

Aloy-Boyfriend1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Gearbox could have also added good quotes from the 3 people who liked Aliens Colonial Marines then... And that should be enough bait to convice others someone might like a bad, average, or broken game. Lol

NewMonday1542d ago


they at least should quote several 8's instead of a random 10, even if the game is fun its nowhere near perfect.

I played and enjoyed Destiny year one, the Order and Knack very much but wouldn't give them more than 7.5 because I recognize there faults and they had large area's to improve, if those games quote even a 9 it would pathetic desperate and laughable and a shameless gross misrepresentation of the critical reception.

and about that 10/10 score:
"this score originated from and it’s from a one sentence Steam review that states 'Regained health by eating the maggots out of a rotting corpse. 10/10' Even more troublesome than the fact that this is a random player of the game being quoted is that his “review” seemed like a joke..The worst part is that these suspicious quotes are sandwiched between quotes from media outlets like Cinema Blend, GameSpot and IGN, which could make users think that the ridiculous quotes are from legitimate outlets as well"

if we give cheap 10's to games with issues Destiny would not have improved immensely in year 2.

Bolts1542d ago

The critics are wrong about this game. It's a diamond in the rough and the best car combat combat game in a decade. I simply could not stop playing it and I have a truck load of gaming options at the time.

They can quote me on that.

morganfell1542d ago

Scores are meaningless, whether they are from a site or an individual. The days of objectivity are long gone. Most people on this forum have no recollection of the days when reviews took a great amount of time and were conducted by numerous people to reach a decision.

A review that still rings is the IGN GTA IV review where they gave the game a 10 even though they stated it was not perfect. 10s have never signified perfect, at least not in the past decade and a half.And that IGN review is worthless.

Reviews where a publication, site or individual does not have a fully defined set of standards, standards which are immovable, is doomed to inconsequence before the first word is typed. These standards should be fully explained and break down into specifics how the review process occurs, to what is given weight, where items are deducted and what is awarded positive consideration.

So at the end of the day I would rather give a nod to gamers that enjoyed the title than to a site whose ego driven staff have motivations that are at best, suspect.

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Forbidden_Darkness1542d ago

Why not? You're so keen on justifying calling them desperate right? What's really so desperate about this video? It's just a few random quotes from critics and fans alike. There's nothing wrong with that. At least they're up front and say "Fans and critics have spoken."

Honestly, make your own decision, a trailer like this should never make it for you anyways. Go watch some gameplay footage on Youtube or watch a livestream, if you like what you see, go pick it up and try it... If not, than don't. Simple as that.

OB1Biker1542d ago

To be fair the trailer is straightforward about it and clearly says 'fans and critics' so Im not sure why the writer seems to think its misleading 'The worst part is that these suspicious quotes are sandwiched between quotes from media outlets '
I never find those quotes reviews particularly enlightening anyway. They all give some random quotes nowadays even from actually bad reviews.

gangsta_red1542d ago

Seems like every other trailer that does the same.

Septic1542d ago

Definitely comes off as desperate

frelyler1542d ago

Your comment seems desperate. Look at the user score on metacritic and come back and evaluate your statement. I bought it and am enjoying it immensely. I find most of the critiques leveled at mad max fit aplty with metal gear as well, yet that game got a perfect score. I love metal gear ,but the lack of cutscenes raised a lot of questions for me and while options are many for tackling a situation those situations are all the same. This is a case of a game getting a free pass, I'm not saying MGSV is a bad game, just that the two are very similar and personally I'm enjoying mad max much more.

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TheJacksonRGN1542d ago

Petard and Sabin1981 both commented on the game's youtube video and both seem to actually enjoy the game.


"Absolutely amazing game, kept me thoroughly entertained from start to finish <3" - Sabin1981

Immorals1542d ago

This is a beautiful, incredibly satisfying game that, despite its bugs has me coming back for more. It's an easy 8.5/10 from me!

deim0s1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

"A beautiful, incredibly satisfying game... it's an easy 10 from me!"
- Immorals

I agree with your actual assessment, though.

Immorals1542d ago

The minefields took a bit away! If I have to hear that dogs bark one more time..

Interinactive1542d ago

"The fans have spoken"

Wouldn't you rather fans say it? The people it was made for, rather than drawing from the cesspool of 'review' sites out there?

aquaticDonut1542d ago

No, I wouldn't. Why on Earth would I? I'd much rather listen to the people that rate games profesionally than some random guy on the internet because people on the internet can love or hate a game for the most ridiculous reasons imaginable. Some will say they hate a game for too many cutscenes, or length, or because it has a gay character in it, some just aren't interested in a particular genre, and some will over rate it to all hell and you only have to take a look at metacritics user reviews to see that. If I didn't listen to reviewers and, instead listened to users, I would've missed many, MANY games that I love.

Interinactive1542d ago

What constitutes a professional reviewer? Someone who gets a paycheck for doing what any other person can do? What a load of shit. There are no standards that need to be met, there is to test to pass, you're either a good writer or a bad one, and the rest is down to your opinion and the factors that influence it.

The way you go onto describe users who bicker over pointless crap when sites like Polygon, RPS, Destructoid and IGN do exactly that, proves you're pretty misinformed.

Then there's the whole issue over the benefits the so called 'professional' reviewers receive. "We've booked you into a hotel, and here's our game for free, a presskit, and a bag of merchandise. Go review it." - all the while this reviewers site is PLASTERED in the game's ads, generating revenue for both parties. Hmmm! That's going to be an impartial review!

But that's fine, you'd rather read reviews from those who have agendas, contractual obligations and ad revenue to live off, rather than those who play the games for the love of gaming itself.

No wonder these idiotic sites flourish.

frelyler1542d ago

You realize the only difference between a reviewer and you is they get their opinion published? Reviewing anything is all down to personal taste and reviewers have incentive to lie, users who paid for the game with their own money, spent many hours with a game and without any sort of monetary reimbursement will always be more accurate. I feel sorry for you because I know you have missed out on so many amazing movies, books, music, videogames, hell anything because you trust someone more being paid to say something. Have fun in your box, it is much more fun when you think outside of it.

aquaticDonut1542d ago

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't think about it that way. The next time someone on reddit tells me not to buy a game because "indie games are gay" I'll be sure to take him at his word, because, after all, users are the wisest, most impartial, most objective people of all. I'm sorry that it's so baffling that I'll trust IGN when they give a thoughtful analysis of why they thought Destiny was alright over a 12 year old who tells me it's the greatest thing ever made. I'm sorry it's so strange to you that I might think Angry Joe giving a point by point breakdown of exactly what The Last of Us is and then gives his opinions on it, with a long background of experience playing games, that something like that might hold a little more weight to me than xx420Blaze1txx who gives it a 0 out of 10 because "It's a mediocre movie".

Interinactive1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

You argue your points like a child.

"I'm sorry it's so strange to you that I might think Angry Joe giving a point by point breakdown of exactly what The Last of Us is and then gives his opinions on it"

How can I think that if you never mentioned Angry Joe, and I've never even seen whatever it is you're talking about?

Nobody inferred that there aren't gamers who nitpick. Nobody insinuated that you should listen to anyone. The point I was making, in which you replied to, was why wouldn't you want to listen to fans of your games, people who play the games for fun, than those whose job it is to HAVE to play the games, in an industry that we know is all about money, favours and advertising?

And all you've done is gone off on tangents while drawing from irrelevant personal experiences. Good job.

sabin19811542d ago

Haha! It seems I rustled jimmies. Good. These petty little journos need to realise their perceived power is meaningless, gamer opinions will always matter more to me than someone who is paid to promote and review games.

I'm glad publishers are turning to fans for feedback, rather than letting reviewers and critics dictate everything. I regret nothing and I absolutely adored the game. Hell, my only lament is that the joke wasn't included in the accolade trailer ^_^

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