Forza Motorsport 6 vs Project CARS Head to Head

A video comparison which looks at Turn 10's Xbox One exclusive Forza Motorsport 6 vs Project CARS from Slightly Mad Studios on the PS4.

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KionicWarlord2221548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Forza 6 won this easy. Talk about a beast. The night gameplay everyone should try...its so intense on Le Mans.

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star_lancer1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I'm enjoying both games. While there is some crossover, there are enough tracks and cars that are exclusive to one game or the other to warrant owning both.

I like Forza better mainly because of the selection of production cars, while Project Cars focuses mostly on cars built specifically for race tracks.

Dee_911548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I know aesthetics are opinionated, but man... Are you people serious right now? i'm not saying F6 is ugly, it looks incredible, but it didn't win anything easily. Aesthetics are arguable, but when it comes to actual tech going on, it's not hard to understand why f6 can keep a solid 60fps where Pcars doesn't in some cases. Forza has baked lighting and weather, yet Pcars with dynamic weather and time still manages to look better for the most part. This comparison made the lack of AA in F6 become even more noticeable which in turn makes f6 look lower res upscaled to 1080p

KionicWarlord2221548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

This comparison showed a big lack of shadows, detail on the track directly on the road as well as actual shadows on places other then the car in this comparison. Even the cockpit for project cars.

Look at the water build up and wipers.

Pay close attention at 36-40. Look at the tracks. Its like night and day differences there. Pretty crazy.

Forza 6 beat it in every part of this. Dynamic lighting couldn't even save it when you cant even match the track detail and cockpits.

This isnt aesthetics. This is actually textures and shadows here dude.

Jesus watching the night comparison its such a big difference its not even funny.

Foehammer1548d ago

While I could point out numerous tech that Forza has and others don't:

24 cars on track

60fps locked

tire deformation physics

tire heating cycles

Drivatars that aren't predictable like normal AI

3D puddles that can act on individual tires

Full customization, visual and performance

Damage, visual and performance

450+ cars


In conclusion, when we put it all together, we end up with dozens of reviewers giving close to 60 scores.

When it's averaged out, ONE winner emerges.

It's Forza 6, as the highest rated racing game this gen.

So the votes are in and all the aforementioned tech beats out dynamic lighting and weather to make Forza THE racing game of this gen

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jasonismoney1548d ago

Gotta agree with you on the AA. Makes Project Cars look more photorealistic. Not saying Forza looks bad all. The texture count, particularly on the interiors, looks great.
I like the puddles in Forza, though I think they overdid the hydroplaning while driving.
Still prefer gameplay in DriveClub out of the three - Forza being a VERY close second. Both have great controls. And I still think, and I know I'll get some disagrees here, that DriveClub has the best rain, particularly in the wipers. I like that Forza tried, but it looks like a canned effect to me - not real droplets like DC.
If any of you haven't had a chance to play Project Cars maxed out on a PC, try to make it happen. Your stomach will curl when you get up close to your opponents. Can't wait for Oculus to release.

Lamboomington1548d ago


PCars has tire deformation, aquaplaning (although no 3d puddles).

"Tire heating cycles" that's been a core feature on PC sims for a long time. PCars has that too, ofcourse. The tire model in pCars is pretty damn advanced.

Dee_911547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

"Dynamic lighting couldn't even save it when you cant even match the track detail and cockpits."
What does this mean? Baked lighting will look better than dynamic lighting a majority of the time, because the lighting is baked onto the track. There will always be a lack of ambient occlusion with dynamic lighting compared to baked lighting. My point was, Pcars managed to look nearly if not better than forza EVEN though it used tech that uses much more resources.
The water build up is equally impressive on both, I don't see anything that stands out that makes one better than the other.
They use the same size textures to my knowledge, what you are referring to is texture filter, F6 has high anisotropic filtering while pcars uses low to mid anisotropic filtering. The counter to F6 high anisotropic filtering is the lack of AA afaik.
Yea, once again there is a difference, but i'm not sure how a difference can equate to one looking better, they both look very good, and I could easily critique them both. How ever outside of aesthetics, Forza doesn't have dynamic lighting, so the fact that Pcars can even come close, or arguably look even better with dynamic lighting, it puts it on top in my book.

@The_Infected Yea gameplay is irrelevant to the topic at hand. I feel F6 completely craps on both pcars and DC in that aspect, you will get no argument from me.

Driveclub has the best weather of any video game I have ever played. I haven't played F6 yet, but judging by the videos, there's no comparison imo. I literally feel wet playing in the rain on DC.


Not to mention nearly 2x larger grid, I didn't reply to him because a simple google search would show a few of those things to not be exclusive or better, and the rest is irrelevant to the discussion.

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Bigpappy1548d ago

Forza beats it in every way and still has an unflinching 60fps.

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d_g1548d ago

forza 6 is a lot better

not to mention the solid 60fps

u4one1548d ago

yeah. the textures, the lighting, the weather effects, the night environments etc.. all superior and yes - with a solid frame rate :)

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