Everything We Want To See In “The Last of Us 2”

The Web Graffiti | "There are a few games, a handful if that, that upon introspection are decidedly worthy of being a solo performance. So eloquent in their execution and firm in their place in history that they need no second outing, no return to form or addition to its story."

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Kalebninja1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Joel and Ellie are the main characters of the series as Nd's other series had jak and daxter and Nathan and sully as the main characters. This is how naughty dog makes their games they aren't just going to replace them. I don't like that everyone thinks that the last of Us was the end of Joel and Ellie's story. It definitely wasn't and its crazy to think so.

Thatguy-3101544d ago

Especially seeing how Ellie is the heart and soul of the title. They aren't just going to drop her like nothing.

trywizardo1544d ago

well , the original ended with a clifhanger , so i'm pretty sure the sequel will continue the story with joel and ellie

smashman981544d ago

I hope I'm not alone in this but I might be... I would Love for Co-op in part 2

copanut1542d ago

I would envision the second story picking up where we left off as a short preface showing Joel and Ellie settling in at Tommy's town much as the original story had a brief preface.

The story then moves ahead 20 years (again similar to the original) and a new adventure begins requiring another trek. In this case, Joel is now either too old to participate (or dead), and the now adult Ellie, in her mid 30's, is the main protagonist.

Perhaps the instigation of this new adventure is that the town is attacked and left in devastation. The survivors need to be led to an area of safety while a small group goes on a quest for something (TBD) that will give the town a chance to be revived.

At this future time, Ellie will have children of her own, some of whom have inherited her immunity, representing the true hope for the future. They must be protected at all costs and allowed to thrive for the future of the species.

This is the fulfillment of Marlene's unwitting admonition in the original game that Joel should not "waste this gift", a phrase of many meanings aside from the obvious and most superficial one: her gift to allow him to leave the hospital unharmed. The second meaning is that he should not waste the gift of Ellie in his life, as she has saved his essential humanity. The third meaning, and point of the second game, is her immunity as a gift to save the species through reproduction.

You see, the Fireflies had it wrong in assuming the only way to save the species was to kill a girl not of age of consent. That was selfish on their part - an attempt to save themselves with a hoped for vaccine. The better path, and the one that Joel chose, was to allow Ellie to live so that her genes could be passed to future generations. His act, seen by some (incorrectly) as selfish, were quite the opposite. He put himself in harm's way to save Ellie, and that greater good will be delivered in the second game as she embarks on an adventure that will build a future for her immune descendants.