Destiny: The Taken King's Restrictions on Older Content Isn't a Big Deal

"Here's why having some of Destiny's older content restricted from players who don't own The Taken King expansion isn't really a big deal."

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Relientk771542d ago

Thanks for taking content away Bungie

Aenea1542d ago

All the actual content is still there and you can still play it.

What's not there is end-game events like Daily/Weekly/Nightfall and the different levels of Strike playlists, but why on earth would you even want to play those events when you can't get any of the new gear anyways and if it was still there it would only drop old gear that is not needed anymore to level up to your max. level 34 (since you don't need gear for that anymore), so why would you want end-game events for a game that is apparently not interesting to you enough to buy the new expansion?

Quite frankly the game was getting stale, it needed new gear/modes/content to stay fresh, without it I don't see a reason why you would want to play it?
And it's the nature of the beast, no it's not an MMO, but it's MMO like, did people really expect all that old stuff would be playable to the ends of times?

I'm really not getting all the vitriol from a small group of people. It's like it's an anti-Bungie/Destiny campaign since it's not founded in anything real...

thekhurg1541d ago

There is just a small group of people that don't even play the game that feel it's important to constantly bash every Destiny article/choice on the internet.

81BX1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Yeah, you dont do that by taking away older content... you add on to, not take away. Idk wtf happened to the mighty bungie? Im just happy they ruined destiny instead of halo. Bungie i hope you're reading.... welcome to the land of sold souls, you sold out for a crappy business model... the plus is, there's redemption.

dhammalama1541d ago

I play destiny about once a week and was pretty happy with having a daily heroic to complete and a strike list with varying difficulties. "Quite frankly the game was getting stale" Thanks for that opinion, but as I said, I was happy to continue playing what was there. Now it's all barren when I log in and it feels like there's nothing for me to do.

I probably will buy taken king, because i do enjoy playing the game, but also, and this is the shitty part, because they have removed the things that compelled me to keep playing.

There is a lot about Destiny that I really don't like, from the nickel and diming of all the content, to the endless grinding in patrols, etc, but I can't deny that i've put in endless hours and still continue to play. The game does manage to always be like the chips that are 'just about' salty enough - they are good, but you are always hoping that the next one will just have a little bit more of the flavouring on it.

zidane13411541d ago

@81BX LOL too bad destiny is better now then ever. The new missions are the best, as are the sub classes and all of the auditions. If it was anything like the destiny that was released, yes. But this is a online game. It's changed in every single way. Get with the times.

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Jamesx82x1541d ago

I dont think its a big deal to restrict these items because you need to keep everything going smoothly and catering to players who are not buying the latest expansions are just going to slow progress.

That being said I think its sick what Bungie or Activision have done with the pricing model used for Destiny. I dont know who to blame for it but just for once I would like to see early adopters to products rewarded in some way.

Instead People who very well may have already spent between $80-$100 on Destiny and the first 2 expansions and have been supporting the game from the start have to pay a whopping $40 for TTK and new players can come in and pay $60 for everything or $80 with everything and a few extra's.

I own the game and 2 expansions on PS4 but no way I give them $40 to make my total to own everything Destiny to be $125 when new people are paying $60 for it all. Bungie or Activision or whoever is responsible can kiss my ass.

wsoutlaw871541d ago

having nightfalls that people who didnt pay for over priced dlc could play, wouldnt have slowed progressed in any way. This game just has not justified its insane prices for me. After they way under delivered on their own claims of what the house of wolves would be like, why would I want to buy something else from them. THoW should have costs 5$ as it was basically a mp mode since most players didnt even finish poe on hard, because of how tedious it was.

JWiLL5521541d ago

$40 isn't an "insane price" for the expansion, it's easily worth that. It's worth more than I paid for the base game, really.

Bungie messed up year one, they admitted it multiple times during the promotion for Taken King (Luke Smith, specifically).

The expansion is fantastic though, really. I don't know why anyone would still regularly play this game without any of the DLCs. If you like it enough, the cost isn't high.

wsoutlaw871541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

There really isn't much content in the expansion. A lot of people finished it the day it came out. A handful of story missions and some reskined strings isn't worth the price. The menu updates and bounty changes came in a patch snd should have been there the whole time. Of coarse they admitted they messed up, they are cery good salesman and have continuously said only what fans want to hear.