HearthStone Fireside Gathering in Montreal This Saturday

Right here in Montreal, a HearthStone Fireside Gathering will be taking place this Saturday, September 19th. The event will be held at the Notman House and will feature multiple HearthStone activities for fans and newcomers alike.

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jamjoum1125d ago

Nice, i will definitely be passing by to participate

teezanpleez1125d ago

is there something like this in NY ???

djslimzz1125d ago

No idea @teezanpleez, but there should be. Are you around the Montreal area! If it's a drive away, you should definitely pass by!

gizmosama1125d ago

Looks fun, I'll surely try to drop by.

djslimzz1125d ago

So much positivity, awesome! See you there!

il-JumperMT1124d ago

The new expansion have so much power creep....