Loads of Plans for LittleBigPlanet DLC

Developer Media Molecule has "a rather scarily long list of great ideas for ways to support the community" after LittleBigPlanet launches - but is waiting to see what people want first.

"We've got loads of plans, we're going to support it massively," studio founder Alex Evans told Eurogamer. "Content packs, new objects, new game modes... All of this stuff could be done. What we're basically waiting to see is what the demand is for.

"We can do all of that stuff - we will do all of that stuff - but what order we do it in, and how much weight we throw behind any of the different ideas that different people have got, is totally down to what the community does," he continued.

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whateva4315d ago

My niece keep asking when does it come out every time she see me watching a video of it.

Prismo_Fillusion4315d ago

Maybe just...a little big. ;)

thePatriot4315d ago

asign how many lives you can loose before the game is over.
x amount of points collected = 1 life added to your total.
modified enemy AI. Let me choose their actions like the gambit system in Fina Fantasy 12.
1 move here
2 if hp > 20 heal or do a special attack.
3 if hp > 0 explode or something (u get the picture)
let me assign special comands to a specific button.
instead of using your analog sticks, I want to push a button to punch.
maybe even do a little combo.
double jump can be alowed. (platfomer without a double jump?)
Let my sack boy be set on fire but not die from it. made possible with a cool powerup u ca make.
I can go on forewer but will wait for game to release

PoorDroids4315d ago

prepare to get charged up the ass. that's the secret to this game. Sony is behind it because it's going to be their #1 platform for selling DLC. gotta love it :)

poopsack4315d ago

loads of money im gonna spend.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4315d ago

Normal game will do;) It looks unlimited anyway!!! ;-P

'Content packs, new objects, new game modes...'

Sack-boy/girl Kills the xBox 360!!! ;-D

PoorDroids4314d ago

Why do you put a stupid f*cking smiley face after everything you say? Are you f*cking retarded? Did you escape from a mental hospital?

Yi-Long4315d ago

... but now it seems like you'll be paying 60 euros on a great game, and are then expected to pay alot more for all the DLC stuff they wanna 'offer' you, yet they couldnt be bothered to just include in the retail-version: I suspect they'll be leaving stuff out on purpose in order to make extra money from DLC-scamming us (kinda like Soul Calibur 4) :(

Such a shame. I was really looking forward to this game (still am), but I dont like the whole DLC-scamming thing that's been going on the last few years, so could very well be that I'll be skipping this one untill it hits the bargain-bin next year.

Dream Machine4315d ago

They seem to be including a huge amount of stuff with the retail game and as long as they don't charge a ridiculous price for DLC and it has a lot of new features, then I'd gladly purchase it in the future. It takes time and money to make more stuff, especially for such a small team.

faisdotal4315d ago

Is there an offical statement saying there's actual DLC? Other than user generated stuff of course.

azurechaos4315d ago


This article sounded like an official statement that there will be was the developers themselves saying that...


It takes so much time and money to support games now, that adding DLC to games after their release allows developers to keep working on their games post-release and have the funds to continue support.

It's not like they're going to release an unfinished game, I'm sure you'll have plenty of content to enjoy at release anyway(especially since it largely is up to you what you do with the game's sandbox), and you don't have to buy the DLC.

faisdotal4315d ago

I won't buy it if its objects and stuff....

Gameplay upgrades yeah ,but that should be free anyways since so many games get new gameplay additions for free i.e Warhawk , Burnout....

Proxy4315d ago

The game in which you can create ANYTHING (suposedly), is going to be releasing DLC (most likely paid for) which will contain new objects.

This suggests to me that you really can't create quite as much as everyone was expecting. I'm starting to think that rather than the single player levels being built with the in-game tools; the in-game tools are simple a derivitive of the single player and allow you to reposition objects that were in the single player.

Think about it, how flexile can content creation really be if they are able to release DLC containing new objects?

mfwahwah4315d ago

Are you serious? They're saying they have a list of ideas and you go ***** about how you have to buy more. Just wait for the damn game, with or without DLC (it's BONUS stuff) the game will be great.

Don't want DLC? DON'T BUY IT. I've never bought DLC even if I have the option and so far I'm happy with my games.

And DLC isn't a new way to rip us off, it's a new way to support games after release and get some extra profit to be able to keep pumping out DLC.

Lionsguard4314d ago

Geeze I can't believe how stupid some of you are. New objects such as real life items cannot be created in the game say you want a basketball but theres only a soccer ball in the game you think you can recreate that? I keep saying it people need to think simple and elegant in their designs not ridiculously over-the-top impossible to create only to let themselves down because either their lack of know-how, creativity, or simply because the game cannot do it. Also you complain about it because it's DLC and it should be with the game well they are already filling up an entire blu-ray's worth of content so unless you want them to delay the game indefinitely so they can release 100 years worth of content on 150 blu-ray discs then you go on ahead and keep waiting. Yi-Long how about you NOT buy the game at all? The PSN will do better without you infecting us.

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