New NX Controller rumour

New nx rumour

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-Foxtrot1179d ago

Hopefully fake

Is it that hard for them to just do something like this

Look how many adapters they sold and how many people bought the new Gamecube controllers they did for Smash Bros U

Ck1x1179d ago

You clearly don't understand that the patent is not for the actual design of the controller and the final product isn't represented by such in the illustration. The whole summation of the patent is for scrollable, clickable shoulder(wheels) or buttons with some kind of force feedback or inertia motorized mechanism. You may not want to admit it, but this is why Nintendo should stay in the hardware game, this is something that should have been in current controllers and it will only be a matter of time before Sony and Microsoft both copy it for certain!

People love to trash Nintendo for not doing the obvious choice of just improving graphics of their hardware (which should definitely be a focus to some extent), but never want to give them credit when they incorporate something like this. Which is ingenious and will change how we game and the level of interaction and control input...

kamikazilucas1178d ago

and why is this soo amazing and why does this mean nintendo should stay in the hardware business

Whymii1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

We won't know if this will make a difference to gaming yet, but the d-pad on the NES and four action button layout and shoulder buttons of the SNES controllers certainly did. As did the rumble pack and analog stick of the N64 controller. Maybe a clickable mouse wheel will too?

N4g_null1178d ago

It finally made it to n4g! Wow some of you guys sound like ungrateful twats.

Well anyway a click able scroll wheel would me zooming presices, tank controls or dual track controls easier. Scrolling and use could be done with one button while the others are used to evade. They could be used to spin off a tackle in a foot ball game or control the lateral distance of a cross over in basket ball or start a slide in soccer or baseball.

This is literally the point of a console. To do stuff other platforms wont.

BrandanT1177d ago

It looks like an early patent/prototype/placeholder for the Wii U controller. It's probably just an old patent that surfaced.

ChickeyCantor1176d ago

"for Smash Bros U"

Your point being?

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R00bot1179d ago

So the triggers are scrolling wheels? That's interesting, I wonder how they could translate that into gameplay.

wonderfulmonkeyman1178d ago

Put two different types of inventory, item or weapon sets, to the scroll wheels, then just turn in either direction to quickly access said items.

They could also be used for balancing mini-games and interactive puzzles, in adventure games, for quickly zooming to specific depths in a shooter when ADS, and quite a few other functions.

The uses depend on the imaginative power of the developer.
Although I imagine, much like the game pad, most won't know what to do with it if it ever came to fruition, but I'd love it for the possibilities it provides.

R00bot1178d ago

I can see them being used to quickly swipe between menus.

Mega_Volnutt1177d ago

Still, the controller looks small as duck tho...

AizenSosuke1178d ago

Hmmm Interesting concept !

iplay1up21178d ago

I doubt this very much. Of coarse Nintendo pretty much lets us use any controller we want, on Wii U. Who knows. I like the tablet allot for games like COD and Darksiders 2. The weapons switch is fantastic. So it would be nice to have second screen again. The cost is still greater than a standard pro like controller, which would again factor into the price. That would again make an affect on the price/power. Nintendo won't want to be above $249-$299.

RPGrinder1178d ago

Does anyone understand how patents work?

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1177d ago

apparently the NX made it's own fans believe anything regarding rumors, patent, delayed games or rumored games from Nintendo to be for NX launch.

It almost like I reading Fairy Tail again regarding Zeref followers.

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