Other Nintendo series that need the Super Mario Maker treatment

GamesBeat: Nintendo has awoken our creativity, and we want more. The Japanese and publisher and developer released the excellent Super Mario Maker last week for the Wii U, letting players create their own 2D levels with tools from the plumber’s best side-scrolling adventures. Well, why stop there? Nintendo has plenty of other franchises that we’d love to take a Mario Maker-style crack at. We listed the ones we want to play the most below.

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EliteGameKnight1548d ago

It would be lovely to have a Zelda Maker, though it would probably be a dungeon builder, omitting the overworld. A Pokemon Maker would be less likely as the creation of an entire gameworld, especially for an RPG, would take a good bit of time, and poses a challenge with things such as leveling curve and file size.

3-4-51548d ago

Sonic maker would be awesome.

That and Kirby

wonderfulmonkeyman1548d ago

Zelda maker might be a bit more problematic due to the more adventure-based way the entire series works, but if they focused it around Zelda 1, ALttP, the GBA Zeldas, and ALBW, then that's four different styles in one that would be perfectly fine for a new Zelda game.

But I honestly think they'd have an easier time starting out with a Metroid Maker before moving on to Zelda, since most Metroid games are, in form and function, the same as Mario Maker in style.

gangsta_red1548d ago

Mario Kart track editor is a no brainer and I bet we will see that in the next MK for the NX.

But a Metroid Maker? That would be insane, have it switch between 8 bit/16 bit and a new 2.4D graphic style and wow. I can just imagine how insane users would get building huge maze like levels.

Nintendo really knocked it out of the park with this one.

Monster_Tard1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

The Legend of Zelda is the only one on this list that I could see working well.

PygmelionHunter1548d ago

Give me Metroid Maker and my life will be complete!!!

(I hope no one notices how desperate I am for a new Metroid...)

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