What's Next for Destiny's Story After The Taken King?

Quite a few big things happen in Destiny: The Taken King. Now, it's time to wonder where we go from here.

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idsanty1129d ago

I won't spoil it in the comments, but I tooootally knew #2 would happen. I just had a hunch. One look and I knew. Even though everyone told me "Nah they're cool." LIES.

GigawattConduit1129d ago

Soon as I saw that person show up at the end, my first thought was "OH GODDAMMIT"

JWiLL5521128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

One of the upcoming DLCs definitely has a Cabal focus, based on the leaked docs, so the last page makes sense. They're the only ones who haven't had their own focused storyline, so I expect we'll see more of them soon.

I'm actually looking forward to the next couple DLCs before Destiny 2, given the standard they've set with The Taken King.

GigawattConduit1128d ago

Taken King definitely makes the biggest accomplishments in the story. It actually feels like things are happening to and around you instead of just the latter. Hopefully Bungie builds on this in future DLC and sequels.