Overload: Picking Between the Remaining 2015 Gaming Releases

Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'Remember that first year of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? It was pretty barren, those of us who chose to adopt early (guilty) bore the brunt of the uncertainty among game developers/publishers at the time Of course, flash-forward to today and the very notion that there things were so uncertain at one point seems crazy. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are outpacing the PS3 and Xbox 360, and cross-gen release consistently sells better on the newer consoles. Now we’re through those difficult drought days we even have games starting to come out, if anything, there’s almost too many to chose from over these next three and a half months.

When I tried to form a shortlist of games I (ideally) want to pick up on release day, as opposed to those I could probably wait for. I failed miserably. This ‘shortlist’ is nine games long. NINE GAMES. Even if I had the financial means to keep up, there wouldn’t be enough time to get through them all.'

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dimasok1178d ago

Luckily I only care about FL4 and JC3 so I am good lol

XBLSkull1178d ago

Halo 5, anything additional is icing on the cake.

3-4-51178d ago

For me it's Halo 5.

Everything else is "the other game" for me.

* I kind of want PES 2016, SW: Battlefront, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and a few others for all the consoles/handhelds I have.

However, I realistically only see myself playing mostly Halo 5.

I don't have the money to buy all the games I want every fall any more.

I'd rather put that extra money towards a new Synth or guitar pedal.

dimasok1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )

Cant' get excited over H5 after the fiasco of the Master Chief collection. Plus I was never really a Halo fan to begin with. Finished H1,2,3 and can't remember shit which is why I skipped over Reach and 4. IMHO, bland story, subpar gameplay. Its mostly popular for its MP which I never played anyways.

In terms of gunplay, in my opinion, nothing beats the fluid nature of Destiny (although, truth be told, Taken King levels took a significant FPS hit due to their higher complexity which made it less appealing to play).

Automatic791178d ago

Honestly Halo 5, TombRaider, Assassins Creed and Rainbow Six. The rest look good and I will be enjoying all but these games have been in my radar for a while.