Double Take: Should Nintendo Make More 3rd Party Amiibo to Entice Companies?

Could Nintendo win back 3rd party support by making amiibo of their characters?

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PhoenixUp1550d ago

It would give them an edge in the smart toy market

deadpoolio3161550d ago

They would actually have to have 3rd part games first..There are ZERO third party titles that they currently have worthy of figures....

Depending on what they do with the NX next year when it launches, and YES it will launch NOV 2016 they could use that to get 3rd party games that might be worth making amiibo of

wonderfulmonkeyman1550d ago

You must be crazy if you think a Bayonetta Amiibo wouldn't have sold like wild-fire.XD

user89668281550d ago

Where is your proof that it will launch then I want proof which I bet you don't have

wonderfulmonkeyman1550d ago

The opportunity should definitely be taken advantage of, but third parties need to be VERY CAREFUL about the content they decide to attach to said Amiibos.

The shovel knight Amiibo looks great, but locking the couch co-op behind it was not a good move.

Offering other third parties the chance to get their own Amiibos could be very good, or potentially disastrous.
And third parties will be the ones to decide which way that one swings.

jholden32491550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Oh come on.

The co-op was never part of the original vision. The only reason it was included is because, well, they had to come up with SOMETHING. Point is it never would have existed otherwise. It's not like they stripped it away from the game so that they would have something for an Amiibo unlock.

They made a complete and robust package- a fully realized vision, and then some. Just look at the mountains of DLC we're getting- for free at that.

Co-op is not some magical feature that isn't allowed to be charged for. Every single game that has ever been created that had co-op, charged for it. The price was included with the price of the game, because it was part of the original vision. This was not. Therefore it is perfectly acceptable to attach a price tag to it.

They spent time developing it and making the mechanics work for it, certainly they should be paid for it, no? It's not like they're being stingy here.

wonderfulmonkeyman1550d ago

I'm not saying it's incomplete without it, or that they stripped it from the main game, or anything, so calm down.
I'm just saying that it's generally a bad idea to lock what most consider major pieces of content behind these hard to find figures.

Look at the majority of content that Amiibos host; nice little extras that are great rewards for the money spent per figure, since they work across multiple games, but generally they aren't things you feel like you're really missing out on if you can't find the figures that the content is locked into.

Mostly stuff like extra materials in Hyrule Warriors and costumes in Mario Maker.

The best choice they could have made, would have been a way of unlocking co-op both through the figure, and through some sort of difficult in-game task.
That way the Amiibo could function like a short-cut to it, while those that don't want the Amiibo would still have the chance at getting Co-op mode.

Mario Maker did it a similar way; you can unlock most of the costumes through gameplay, but the Amiibos will unlock them immediately.

The point is, having the option is a win-win for both Nintendo and Yacht Club, and there'd be less complaints about it that way, too.