18 Minutes of Dragon Quest Builders Gameplay - TGS 2015 | IGN

IGN says, "Square Enix takes on Minecraft in this block building based game set in the Dragon Quest universe."

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jon_snow1545d ago

This Game way better than MC. It is RPG with Building stuff. It has story and side quest. So in simple this is beauty of game.

-Foxtrot1545d ago

I know right.

This basically takes Minecraft and adds in most of the stuff that people expected from Minecraft long after release

I mean it's only now that MC is adding something like dual wielding

jon_snow1545d ago

Exactly, and monster/enemies in DQ Universe so vast and exciting meaning battle will also be fun but you need to strategies accordingly.

Dir_en_grey1545d ago

Minecraft + 3D Dot Game Heroes combined =)

3D Dot Game Heroes came out before Minecraft btw so not everything is derived from Minecraft.

miyamoto1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

Oh my 3D Dot Game Heroes spiritual sequel!
Beautiful! Super Duper Cute @ 60fps!
And it's fitting that our Dragon Ball Z-ish hero is a homage to 16-bit A Link to the Past.
Looks like it adds up a lot that is lacking with 3D Dot Game Heroes.
Definitely a game for on the go.
I hope the PS Vita version is compatible with the PS TV.

This kid is very strong indeed.
He also reminds me of how Samson carried a huge gate up a hill in Israel.

I hope we can customize our hero ala 3D Dot Game Heroes and we can build a whole level from scratch ala Creative Mode.
English version pleez SE.

3-4-51545d ago

Another game that makes me really want a PS4.

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S2Killinit1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

this is one of my most anticipated games. I'm talking, right up there with Shenmue, Dragon Quest XI, Horizon, Uncharted, For Honor, etc...

Edit: how come the tag only says PS3?

Skate-AK1545d ago

Someone must have fixed it.

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tanukisuit1545d ago

Reminds me of Minecraft+ 3d dot game heroes + DQ. Dare I say cute, too?

SmokingMonkey1545d ago

This will be a killer Vita game!

Can't wait, I'm getting a new Blue Vita in November! Can't wait, got a 64gb mem card in that bad boy.

So my Vita is pumped full of games and all I want to do is Remote Play my PS4!

Vita <3

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