Round 1 : Sony vs. Zelda

Steven Mallas of Yahoo looks at the potential for the PS3 to be king of the next generation consoles. Right now he says its fighting against the killer app for the Wii that is Zelda. Mallas concludes that things with the Wii are showing no slowing BUT when the power of the Cell is fully utilized and Sony shift 6 million then we will see how the 'dynamics' change.

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UrbanJabroni4324d ago

I understand he's just a writer, but the ONLY mention of the 360 is to mention that GOW sold 1million games and that is another sign Sony should hurry.

I understand completely if someone doesn't like the 360, but to do a "market analysis" piece on the next gen systems without mentioning the possible impact that the current leader will have is absurd.

Good news though, according to this guy we can expect to see the "full power" of the cell in a mere six months!

This may be a last-second nominee to my "most idiotic game writer" of the year award.

DJ4324d ago

it becomes painfully obvious why Gears of War sold so many copies (1 in 4 owners bought the title). There simply aren't enough triple-A titles to go around on the system. The only big titles 360 owners could choose from during an entire year were Oblivion (pc port), Fight Night Round 3, and Dead Rising.

What that leads to is consumer bottlenecking, and this was actually predicted long before Gears was ever released. It's the same reason Halo 1 and 2 sold so many copies. There wasn't much of anything else to buy. This in no way means Gears is a bad game. It just shows the truth of what's driving these figures.

UrbanJabroni4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

...but what does it have to do with either my post or the actual article.

Are you implying that since you feel the 360 doesn't have enough AAA titles it isn't competition for Sony?

And as a warning, ANYTIME someone posts the "system x only has the following good games" there are inevitably two to three posts with a substantially longer list from the opposing side. I, for one, feel you have missed quite a few great games, but someone else will do a far better job.

TheMART4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

You obviously didn't pay any attention at all man.
Ghost Recon AW sold to at least 20 to 25% of all 360 owners. PGR3 sold to many, many people also. I bet at least 20% also.
Oh and you forget one of the other very important sales:
COD2, man I think it's about 30% at least owning that game.
You don't inform yourself well mate. There are even more titles that sold. Nice to compare, isn't it?
PS3 sells 1.5 game @ launch per unit attach rate. Motorstorm is allright. And Resistance is ok. But not as good as Gears of War. So actually there isn't much there to buy a PS3 for. Isn't that a shame?

So you know you're officially talking out of your ass, right?!

marionz4323d ago

true over the last year 360 hasnt had many killer games, been a few good ones tho, im loving viva pinata more then gears tho, but its going to be the same if not worse for sony, just wait till mass effect bioshock elvian banjo kazooie etc come out, there is alot of awesome games coming to 360, ps3 will suffer untill it gets some killer exclusives, ps3 really doesnt stand much of a chance this time around, they fluked it for quite some time with ps1 & ps2 but i guess they lucked out this time

calderra4323d ago

Yeah, there weren't any AAA titles.

That's why 360 has a 3x higher attach rate than its competitors, and why Gears was looking like it would lose its #1 most-played spot to Rainbow 6 because R6 stole so many players from GOW.

There's just no competing titles out there.

Also don't forget, for examples, the continued success of Xbox Live (60+% attach rate), the continued success of Live Arcade (50+% demo>purchase conversion), etc.

Thugbot1874323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

I bought the 360 because of GRAW, GOW just an added bonus and even though Saints Row isn't GTA it's still enough to hold me over till i get the next GTA.
Right now I see no reason to get a PS3, the games I would want just aren't there. There are still better games for the PS2, Wii and 360. When Sony makes it worth my wild I will pick up a PS3. I'm not going to buy one now and let it sit while I wait half a year or longer for the PS3 to show it's potiental and have games I really want to play.

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MicroGamer4324d ago

is already talking about having another Zelda game ready to go on the Wii, plus they haven't even brought all their big guns to bear yet. We have yet to see a Mario, Metroid, or Pokemon title or any of their other popular franchises brought into play. Zelda:TP is just a warning shot across the bow. When their other titles hit store shelves, Sony will be down for the count, especially since 360 owners will also be getting most of their exclusives. So what reason do you really have for owning a PS3?? Wii60 FTW.

Juevani4324d ago

what reason do u have for ownin a Wii60?? I'd like 2 ask u kid.. Zelda?? been here for like 100 years with the same storie,same character and same graphic, Halo 3 is the last game of the series and gow is only good for 10 min. (my opinion so don't fight it) these 2 360 games might be good but in the end they are just 2 games.. mario?? same sh1t as zelda.. I mean think u dumb f*ck.. PS3?? most powerfull console ever made, most exlucives games, bringin something new 2 the world (Blue-Ray which is supported by most hollywood companies, that means alot of exclusive movies for blue-ray) and u pay $599 for something u should've paid $900 for (and if blue ray wins the hd-movies war u gotta get ur self one so it might be a ps3 as well since its the cheapest and does the most) damn man u need 2 pay $200 2 watch hd-movies on ur 360 (thats $600 for a 360) and u can't even watch dvds on ur wii, so wiiiiiii use our head and choose something that gives all in one, like that ps3 commersial says ''If there is something the PS3 can't do then its prolly not worth doin it''

ACE4324d ago

u really r the BIGGEST sony fanatic on this site fool, u have over took DJ .

back to the lame article YOU posted it thats enough for me to say its LAME .

ChickeyCantor4324d ago

"Zelda?? been here for like 100 years with the same storie,same character and same graphic"

never played the game did you?

its not how powerfull a console is its the games.
( take a look at PS2......the weakest of that gen and still won the race!)

Grown Folks Talk4323d ago

yet this @ss will be the first one to buy final fantasy 117 1/3.

MicroGamer4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

Don't call me 'kid', I'm 38 years old. Not only could I kick your a$$, I could kick your father's a$$, too. Hmmm...let's see, Zelda been around for 100 years, I don't recall there being videogames or even televisions to play them on in 1906. Graphics not changed?? Wake up. The graphics between generations has been constantly improving. There is no way you can possibly compare the graphics of the Wii to the NES and say they are the same. GOW only good for 10 minutes?? What's the matter, you can't use your own words, you have to use words taken from some half a$$ed review by a competitor trying to sell a new shooting game to compete with GOW and use them as your own?? Have you even played GOW?? Try playing it first before you say anything or else STFU. PS3 has some power, it's true, but the key at this point is not just unlocking that power, but doing it in time to make a difference. You rarely see a game outside of first party for any system that shows off the power of a system until the second or third generation. If Sony doesn't get to shipping some consoles pretty damn quick, they may not have that time. 360 has gone through it's awkward period already, so devs know our system well and can get better results with it. The Wii isn't much different from Gamecube, so devs also know that system well. PS3 is going to be known as the most powerful system with the lamest games because devs will be doing mostly ports, and not as much original content as 360 and Wii. Sony is also not known for providing extensive support and training for devs outside of first party like Microsoft is. They pretty much leave everyone else on their own with a pile of poorly written manuals to figure the system out. You don't get good games from people who don't know the system. I didn't buy my 360 for HD movies. I bought my PS2 thinking "Great, I can watch movies with it when I'm not gaming" until I fell victim to the defective laser fiasco. I'm not using a game console to play movies again. If my HD-DVD player wears out, I throw it away and buy a new one, it'll be cheaper than $200 by the time that happens, but I keep playing games in the meantime. What do you do when your Blu Ray in your PS3 wears out?? Now you can't even play games anymore until you fix it or get another one. Since you sound like you're either about 14, or too retarded to hold a job, that means begging mommy and daddy to spend another $600 to get you another one.

scriptkiddie4323d ago

funny how when trying to say how great the PS3 is... all you have to talk about is Blu-ray. which no one cares about. nothing about the great games with examples. just blu-ray and the potential to play games. funny

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Juevani4324d ago

try and argue my point sucker, don't just change the subject like *u're lame, u are a sony fanboy and bla bla bla* that just shows me how weak u are and little u know, u can't beat what I wrote, who can?? its a fact, u're beloved console sucks and mine takes over, end of disscution

BadTaste4323d ago

You're an illiterate mistake that has been brought to this world, get a life please. oh and i lol'd at "disscution".

FirstknighT4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

end of disscution!!!!!!!

Haha, I'm sorry but I laughed too. Juevani you make no sense kid! You dont know how to debate, so stop trying. You contradict youself all the time!

Juevani, Bhai, and Videl are the 3 headed monster of this site! SLowly ripping you apart with their clueless thoughts and fanboy chatter!

I love this site...these kids make me laugh!!!!

scriptkiddie4323d ago

I was at walmart last night and was checking out the games. They had a PS3 there and it was locked up and the graphic on the screen looked terrible. I wonder what the parents think when they see that compaired to the 360 that was being played and had awsome graphics and is $200 less. Unless they want to buy potential that maybe someday it will have good games.

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