'Guitar Hero' whiz aiming higher

Blake Peebles, 16, resides in North Raleigh and lives to play video games. Blake is so dedicated to gaming that his parents let him quit school so he can better concentrate on it. They pay for home tutors instead. Mom and Dad do this, even though there are very few people in this country who make their living playing competitive video games...

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Silogon4321d ago

Those are beer and pot parents, easily. If you were to go over to their house they'd break the ice with beer and then light up a doob. I bet money on it.

xhi44321d ago

that kid will grow up with zilch social skill, that's bad parenting I rekon.

ape0074321d ago

and...... they blame videogames

Chronopath4321d ago

soooooooooo true.

I blame the fact that he doesnt have a healthy PS3 in his line-up of consoles. lol

oh, yeah... and of course his parents are to blame. But def. more so the PS3 thing. heh

IchigoBleach4321d ago

As much as I love Guitar Hero, I just feel that this comment,

"Blake barely moves while playing. His feet are set in place and his eyes are locked on the screen as he peers through a mop of curly brown hair. Gaming for him is serious business. It's his job.

Among the prizes he's won playing "Guitar Hero" tournaments: gift certificates, gaming equipment and chicken sandwiches."

is just so godawful lazy/shows how lazy America is.

Maybe it's just me, but Jesus, come on man!

Skerj4321d ago

Did they seriously just mention CHICKEN SANDWICHES as a prize!? Holy sh*t I'm quitting my job to get in on that.

Skerj4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

You know I had an awesome comment but somehow the thought of winning chicken sandwiches for playing games totally derailed my train of thought.

Oh yeah, I remember now for some reason I'm reminded of JP from Grandma's Boy: there's that kid's future, or that Guitar Hero episode of South Park.

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The story is too old to be commented.