Hands-On Preview – Transformers: Devastation | DualShockers


"When Transformers Devastation was leaked prior to this year’s E3 press conference, I was skeptical. While Bayonetta 2 was highly regarded as another masterpiece of gameplay, Platinum’s last licensed outing — The Legend of Korra — received mixed reactions at best. So while I appreciated the G1 influenced looks of the Transformers and was happy that Activision wasn’t putting the Transformers license to sleep like it has with Crash Bandicoot, I still didn’t expect much from the game itself. Thank the Prime robot heaven gods that Devastation is not a mediocre action game by any means. Instead, we have another contender for near perfect action gameplay, and this time with a clever usage of Transformer’s most iconic features."

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Knightofelemia1548d ago

This game looks great can't wait for it. I wish Highmoon studios would continue the Cybertron series that series was great.

FlexLuger1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Agreed. Im looking forward to this too, magnus. send word to cybertron. Let Prime know that the game is turning out fine and hasnt been ruined by any decepticon plot at activision to make it a dull game. Platinum have done an excellent job and didnt need the help of the matrix, to get the job done. However we do need headmasters and target masters....for DLC. Tell him to send those.

Whoa! *transforms*

Majin-vegeta1547d ago

Hmmm love the cel shaded graphics for the game and with PG combat it's bound for a good time.

Now if someone would make a Beast Ears game we be set.